Explore the Sport:80 Platform's features


Membership Registration

Facilitate registrations and renewals for all types of membership including B2C (e.g. athletes, coaches, officials, supporters) and B2B (e.g. clubs, leagues, regions).

Custom Forms

Customise membership registration and renewal forms to collect all of the demographic data you require from your members.

Club Affiliation

Allow individual members to affiliate to their clubs, leagues, regions and/or counties as part of your membership registration process.

Duplicate Checks

Take advantage of extensive data-checks to ensure that your data collection is standardised and to reduce the risk of duplicate records. 


Qualifications Management

Sell places for your courses and administer & manage a variety of qualifications, classifications, certifications, licences and awards with ease.

Data Collection

Create short forms to collect all the data you need from your members about their qualifications including the ability to upload files.

Validation Process

Enforce a validation process to add another level of security which allows staff to carry out routine checks before qualifications are approved.

Expiry Dates

Configure expiry dates with automated invalidation to ensure qualifications are no longer valid once they have expired.


Event Registration

Facilitate online entry to all of your organisation's competitions, camps, trips, courses, training sessions and social events.


Configure your events, including the ability to customise event information, categories, number of places available, fees and so on.

Sanction Events

Create a new revenue stream by enabling external event organisers to sanction and manage their events through the Platform.

Online Payments

Collect entry fees quickly and easily via an integrated payment gateway that provides the flexibility to charge early bird, standard and late rates.


CRM & Contact Management

Track and manage engagement with your members much more efficiently and react to their needs in real-time.

Member History

Track an individual’s membership, qualification, club affiliation, event entry, purchase, email & login history among many other areas.


Validate the items that a member assigns to their profile including membership, qualifications, background checks, licences etc.


Access a host of member admin tools including the ability to assign notes, manage roles and access, and the ability add, edit or delete data.


Data Management & Reporting

Take advantage of powerful data management and reporting features that allow you to manage, segregate and analyse all of the data your organisation collects.

Add, Edit & Delete

Utilise admin-only features that enable your staff to act on behalf of members and add, edit or delete any information assigned to profiles.

Advanced Filter

Utilise the advanced filter tool to segregate and report on all the data you stored, including the ability to save reports for future use.

Membership Reports

Preconfigured membership overview reports give you all the statistics you will ever need to know about those participating in your sport.


Governance & Compliance

Access a host of tools that make managing your organisations governance and compliance requirements much simpler and more efficient.

Compliance Reporting

Generate compliance reports relating to diversity, inclusion, executive board & committee representation & SafeSport (U.S. only).

Enforce Your Rules

Configure expiry dates, enforce rules and setup dependencies to ensure that members credentials are always kept up to date.

Integrations (U.S. only)

Enable members to process their SafeSport training and background screening (SSCI/NSCI) from their profile with native integrations.


Marketing & Communications

Utilise innovative features designed to assist and improve the way you communicate with your athletes, coaches, officials, clubs and other organisations and individuals participating in your sport.

Automated Emails

The Platform automatically distributes a variety of emails such as membership confirmations and renewal reminders.

Email Marketing

Utilise the Platform’s email marketing tool to design and carefully target marketing emails, as well as analyse their effectiveness. 

Mailing Lists

Create static and dynamic (auto-updating) mailing lists directly from the Platform database that align with your members email preferences. 


Support Centre

Improve customer satisfaction with a central support system that gives members access to support resources and the ability to send support tickets to your team.

Support Articles

Create a resource of support articles, frequently asked questions and ‘how-to’ guides to help members solve the problems on the spot.


Improve customer support by giving members the ability to submit support tickets directly to your team who can then respond directly.

Respond & Resolve

Boost customer engagement by enabling staff to manage support tickets, respond to enquiries & resolve issues in real-time.


Payments & Finance

Utilise a fully integrated payment gateway for online payments as well as various financial management tools.

Online Payments

Process online payments with the integrated payment gateway including the ability to process both one-off and recurring payments.


Issue refunds and access ‘pay-out’ reports that enable you to track refunds & manage financial reconciliation within your accounts.


Access a variety of finance related reports including pre-configured reports for managing reconciliation within your accounting software.



Quickly and easily collect donations from members and non-members to fundraise for your organisation’s good causes, initiatives and programs.

Public Donations

Collect donations from anyone, anywhere with a responsive donations form that can be accessed from smart devices.

Auto-Prompt Members

Prompt members to donate at the checkout when they are purchasing items such as memberships within the Platform.


Utilise the donations feature to capture all the information required for GiftAid and boost the value of donations processed.


Third Party Integrations

Connect the Platform with your website, apps and other web services to securely share data throughout your network.


Share real-time information from the Platform with your website for event calendars, club listings, coach finders & a variety of other features.


Integrate the Platform with a variety of mobile applications for club and league management, community engagement apps & others.

Tournament Systems

Integrate the Platform with your tournament systems and share competitor data directly from the Platform's event registration module.