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Integrations with our trusted partners

Take advantage of our tried and tested integrations with best of breed providers

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Enhance the functionality of your Platform, and the experience of your members, with connected apps & services from our trusted partners.

We work with market leaders to develop integrations which deliver enhanced services to you and your extended network. We rigorously ensure that each integration improves user experience, streamlines processes and delivers added value for your organization and members.


Stripe logo


Our Platform's Stripe integration streamlines financial processes for sports organisations by enabling seamless payment processing. It allows for secure and efficient handling of transactions, offering a range of payment options to enhance the overall membership and financial management experience for National Governing Bodies and sports clubs.

Zendesk logo


Zendesk enhances customer support for sports organizations by seamlessly connecting their management platform with Zendesk's robust ticketing and support system. This integration streamlines communication, issue resolution, and customer interactions, providing a more efficient and responsive experience for both the sports organization and its members.

First Advantage logo

First Advantage

Our integration with First Advantage provides a streamlined process for verifying the background of individuals involved in sports programmes, ensuring a safer environment for participants.

Vibrant Nation logo

Vibrant Nation

Our integration with the Welsh Sports Association's (WSA) DBS service, which is run through their trading arm Vibrant Nation, allows users to process their DBS checks via their Sport:80 Platform profile and is entirely web-based, so is available 24/7 from any location with an accessible internet connection.

etrainu logo


etrainu has over 15 years experience in delivering market-leading Learning Management Systems (LMS). Designed for your sporting ecosystem, etrainu gives you the power to transform the way you train your Admins, Coaches and Volunteers. With etrainu's LMS, your team can house all of your learning needs.

Cherry Hub logo

Cherry Hub

Cherry Hub are specialists in customer engagement and acquisition. The company’s extensive product suite, including gamification tools and digital membership solutions, allow your organisation to save time and costs, and increase revenue by connecting your customers and staff with the latest applications.

Rosterfy logo


Rosterfy’s global workforce management solution enables you to improve your volunteer recruitment, retention, engagement and recognition. Its comprehensive and highly configurable platform is the full package. It will help you run successful volunteering programs and give you the scope to grow your operation.

Globocol logo


Globocol provides a cloud-based safeguarding software for sport. It provides a means of reporting and investigating incidents through to case resolution. It also enables you to identify problem locations, types of abuse and individuals of concern.

HotelPlanner logo


HotelPlanner aggregate rates from more than 40 top travel sites, finding the best rates for their customers and serving them up through custom-branded sites specific to each organisation. Their system captures hotel booking data, removing the stress of making complicated block room bookings, and makes selling accommodation incredibly simple for NGBs and their event organisers.

Lucid Travel logo

Lucid Travel

Lucid Travel, part of HotelPlanner, exists for one reason - to make travel easier for sports teams & tournaments by aggregating rates from top travel sites and includes exclusive discounts. Lucid is partnered with thousands of sports teams, hundreds for universities, large governing organisations, businesses, and other software companies that could utilise travel functionality in their user experiences. 

Joymo logo


Joymo allows sports organisations to access effortless streaming capabilities. By providing easy access to live and on-demand sports content, it makes a valuable addition for organisations looking to engage and connect with their audience through dynamic video content.

 iSponsor logo


iSponsor’s community fundraising app is revolutionising fundraising. Sports organisations and clubs can sign up to the iSponsor app and encourage their network of members to do so as well. Whenever a user spends through iSponsor with the many brands and businesses signed up as sponsors, a percentage of each transaction goes back to the beneficiary.

Refbook logo


Refbook is a powerful multi-sport platform allowing organisations to better manage their sports officials. Founded on the principle that the official comes first, refbook delivers unprecedented flexibility and connectivity for officials, administrators and assignors alike.

New Start Mobile logo

New Start Mobile

New Start Mobile develop premium mobile applications and end-to-end tools. Their enterprise software platforms increase the value of your memberships, improve team communication and get the most out of your existing technology.

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