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11.07.24 5 minute read

Transformative QR codes functionality powering the Sport:80 Platform’s membership and events modules

Find out how the innovative functionality is creating efficiencies, streamlining processes, boosting member satisfaction and engagement, and driving participation.

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04.07.24 5 minute read

What sports are in the Olympics?

Learn about the evolving landscape of Olympic sports, and how Sport:80 supports several Olympic governing bodies with advanced technology that enhances member engagement and operational efficiency.

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01.07.24 5 minute read

Learning Management Systems for standardising qualifications

In this article, we analyse how National Governing Bodies (NGBs) can use online learning platforms to foster a compliant, consistent, and high-quality training environment for their members.

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13.06.24 5 minute read

How sports organisations can drive revenues with a Learning Management System

In this article, we explore the various ways a Learning Management System (LMS) can be leveraged to create new revenue streams, supporting the sustainability and growth of sports organisations in both the short and long term.

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11.06.24 2 minute read

Table Tennis England’s exclusive OTT streaming platform delivered by Sport:80 partners, Joymo

Discover how the shared capabilities of the Sport:80 Platform and Joymo are powering an exciting streaming platform that Table Tennis England members can enjoy as part of their membership package.

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06.06.24 5 minute read

How learning management systems can be beneficial for sports organisations

In this article, we outline some of the key advantages that LMS' can provide for sports organisations and NGBs.

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05.06.24 5 minute read

ukactive launches enhanced Digital Futures consultation as fourth year of programme drives sector’s digital maturity

We are thrilled to be supporting this essential research, which aims to support sports organisations in enhancing their digital capabilities.

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03.06.24 5 minute read

9 game-changing strategies for unbeatable member retention

In this ultimate guide to membership retention strategies for sports organisations and National Governing Bodies (NGBs), we delve into the core principles and dynamic strategies essential for maintaining a robust member base.

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03.06.24 5 minute read

7 dynamic strategies to attract members to your sport

In this comprehensive guide, we outline seven methods that National Governing Bodies (NGBs) can use to effectively acquire new members and expand the reach of their communities.

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23.05.24 5 minute read

Scottish Hockey choose Sport:80 to provide new member engagement system

Discover how we are delivering a solution for Scottish Hockey that will help the organisation to achieve their strategic goals, empower member engagement, and drive growth.

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15.05.24 10 minute read

How to use member journey mapping to drive participation

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of member journey mapping - a strategic approach that empowers National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to visualise, analyse, and systematically enhance member experiences.

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14.05.24 5 minute read

British Sub-Aqua Club select Sport:80 to lead the next evolution of their digital ecosystem

Find out more about how the British Sub-Aqua Club became the latest National Governing Body (NGB) to join the Sport:80 Community.

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08.05.24 2 minute read

Helping the Sheffield 1000 to support local charities, good causes and organisations

We are delighted to have signed up as a Sheffield 1000 corporate member, to support the charity’s mission and contribute towards several incredible causes across our beloved home city.

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03.05.24 5 minute read

The top 5 member engagement strategies for National Governing Bodies

In this article, we explore the top member engagement strategies tailored specifically for National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

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24.04.24 5 minute read

BaseballSoftballUK and British Baseball Federation utilise Sport:80 technology to safeguard the future of British baseball and softball

The agreement marks a significant milestone in the organisation’s journey towards enhancing participation growth, talent development, support services, and operational sustainability.

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23.04.24 5 minute read

How our results and rankings solution streamlines competition management for NGBs

Discover how we are delivering results and rankings functionality for a variety of National Governing Bodies, and providing significant benefits to participants at all levels.

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17.04.24 10 minute read

The ultimate guide to membership management for National Governing Bodies

In this ultimate guide to membership management for National Governing Bodies (NGBs), we explore the intricacies of managing your organisation's members effectively.

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10.04.24 2 minute read

What does a National Governing Body of Sport do?

National Governing Bodies are some of the most important organisations in sports, yet people often have little knowledge of what they do on a daily basis.

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09.04.24 2 minute read

Supporting America’s fastest-growing sport through landmark USA Pickleball partnership

This incredibly exciting agreement will see us deliver a membership management solution for the National Governing Body (NGB) that will transform organisational processes and invigorate member experience.

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03.04.24 5 minute read

What makes a sport a sport?

In the ever-evolving landscape of sport, the question of what truly defines a sport continues to spark lively debate.

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28.03.24 2 minute read

Coordinate Sport become latest Sports Tech Alliance addition

We’re delighted to welcome Coordinate Sport to the group, as they join our mission to support sports organisations around the world with highly functional and integrated digital ecosystems.

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20.03.24 2 minute read

Sports Tech Alliance gets 5 new member companies

DMC Sport, ActiveXchange, Capture, Upshot, and Freestyle have all signed up to join the collective of pioneering technology companies.

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12.03.24 5 minute read

How NGBs can generate revenue and make booking accommodation a breeze through Sport:80’s partnership with HotelPlanner

We are excited to announce our partnership with HotelPlanner, a leading travel technology platform and hotel booking engine that helps event organisers generate additional revenue by selling hotel accommodation as part of their registration process.

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06.03.24 5 minute read

England Boxing step into the ring with Sport:80 to develop tech partnership that packs a punch

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we are working with England Boxing to revolutionise their digital operations and enhance member engagement for the organisation.

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05.03.24 2 minute read

Sport:80 and etrainu integration supporting USA Track & Field to strengthen member learning and compliance

Discover how USA Track & Field (USATF) has leveraged the Sport:80 and etrainu integration to enhance the NGB’s digital services and strengthen risk management processes.

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29.02.24 2 minute read

New 'Global Search' feature for seamless Platform navigation

The new feature makes it significantly easier for users to access key areas of the Sport:80 Platform, such as memberships and events.

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20.02.24 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Kailyn Stevenson

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Kailyn Stevenson, Implementation Team Member at Sport:80.

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15.02.24 2 minute read

Introducing the Sport:80 Platform's new ‘Resource Centre’ feature

Find out how the new feature supports NGBs to simplify resource management, bolster governance and compliance procedures, and drive revenue generation.

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08.02.24 10 minute read

Revolutionising sports governance: Embracing data-driven strategies for operational excellence

Read our contribution to 'The Road to the 2024 Election Manifesto' by the Sports Think Tank.

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07.02.24 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Arjith Ravi

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Arjith Ravi, Customer Success Team Member at Sport:80.

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01.02.24 5 minute read

Sport:80 published in ‘The Road to the 2024 Election Manifesto’ by Sports Think Tank

The 165-page document includes policy calls from 29 organisations, presenting over 100 proposals for sport, physical activity and wellbeing ahead of the 2024 general election.

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31.01.24 5 minute read

How the Sport:80 Platform enhances financial management for NGBs

Discover the payment processing capabilities of the Sport:80 Platform, powered by Stripe, offering advanced financial management for National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and their networks.

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30.01.24 2 minute read

British Riding Clubs saddle up to join the Sport:80 community

How our partnership with British Riding Clubs is driving the organisation’s digital transformation, delivering a greater breadth of online services to their members.

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26.01.24 5 minute read

The power of Stripe's payment processing software

We analyse the impact of the Sport:80 Platform’s integration with Stripe, a global leader in financial infrastructure for millions of businesses, providing comprehensive security features and innovative functionalities.

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18.01.24 5 minute read

The importance of advanced payment capabilities for National Governing Bodies

Explore the reasons why comprehensive financial management solutions are becoming increasingly valuable for National Governing Bodies (NGBs), for both security and convenience.

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04.01.24 2 minute read

Welsh Sports Association partnership renewed to continue supporting Welsh NGBs

We are delighted to announce that our partnership with the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) will continue, reaffirming our commitment to supporting its members with innovative technology solutions.

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18.12.23 2 minute read

New functionality allowing clubs to sell individual memberships

Find out more about our new feature which is set to empower clubs to create, sell and manage memberships.

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11.12.23 5 minute read

Meet The Team: Martin Hunt

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Martin Hunt, Head of Implementation at Sport:80.

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04.12.23 2 minute read

'Smart Lists’ introduced to unlock enhanced reporting capabilities for NGBs

Find out more about the new feature which transforms data management and empowers NGBs to make data-backed decisions with impactful reports.

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21.11.23 5 minute read

Traditional Business Intelligence vs Embedded Analytics for NGBs

We analyse the pivotal choice between traditional Business Intelligence and embedded analytics, and the specific considerations for NGBs.

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15.11.23 2 minute read

Welsh Gymnastics take the leap to transform online member experience with Sport:80

We are supporting Welsh Gymnastics with a game-changing tech solution, which will enhance their membership offering and boost revenues in their continued commitment to modernisation.

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14.11.23 5 minute read

Building vs. Buying: Making the Right Call for Your Business Intelligence Solution

Explore the key considerations when deciding to build or buy your Business Intelligence solution, guiding effective decision-making in a data-driven landscape.

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08.11.23 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Jonny Turner

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Jonny Turner, Chief Operating Officer at Sport:80.

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06.11.23 5 minute read

When “Free” Isn't Really Free: Unveiling the True Cost of Software

Explore the true costs hidden behind “free” or low-cost software and the key elements for National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to be aware of when implementing data management solutions.

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26.10.23 0 minute read

Meet The Team: Jack Waddingham

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Jack Waddingham, Head of Business Development at Sport:80.

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23.10.23 2 minute read

Empowering NGBs to unlock the full potential of their data

Find out how we are supporting our clients to break down data barriers and harness the full potential of their data, with our transformative data visualisation dashboards solution.

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18.10.23 2 minute read

Streamlining event registration with our comprehensive sports management platform

Sport:80’s event registration feature transforms sports management, offering seamless registration for a diverse range of events, driving revenue, and generating insights.

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17.10.23 2 minute read

USA Luge accelerate their digital evolution with Sport:80

How we responded promptly to USA Luge's need for an efficient membership management system, ensuring rapid delivery before their renewal season.

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11.10.23 2 minute read

Sport:80 client event in Palm Beach, FL, driving innovation and championing collaboration

Find out more about our recent client event, delivered with support from the USOPC and our strategic partners, where we discussed the future of our product suite and best practices for utilising technology.

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29.09.23 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Rich Mallon

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Rich Mallon, Head of Customer Success at Sport:80.

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14.09.23 2 minute read

All United States Kendo Federation become the latest combat sport or martial art to sign up with Sport:80

We are supporting the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) with a new membership management system that will contribute to the ongoing growth of the martial art.

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12.09.23 2 minute read

Why cyber security must be a critical priority for NGBs

How we are supporting sports organisations to protect themselves against the threat of cyber attacks.

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26.07.23 2 minute read

How our solutions for managing coaches and officials strengthen compliance

Our technology empowers National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to deliver a wide range of services to their coaches, officials, and referees, supporting good governance.

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18.07.23 5 minute read

How the Sport:80 Platform is supporting good governance for NGBs

By providing a host of tools, we help our clients manage governance and compliance processes with greater accuracy and efficiency.

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11.07.23 5 minute read

The vital role of good governance and compliance for NGBs

Good governance and compliance are essential for National Governing Bodies (NGBs), ensuring athlete safeguarding, fair play, and effective policy implementation.

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23.06.23 2 minute read

How an integrated approach to adopting technology can unleash an NGB’s full potential

An integrated approach to technology empowers NGBs to overcome their challenges, allowing for increased efficiency, enhanced engagement and revenue generation.

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21.06.23 2 minute read

How AI empowers NGBs to make data-driven decisions

AI can support National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to effectively manage and grow their organisations.

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16.06.23 2 minute read

USA Archery pilots use of gamification to increase customer acquisition and engagement

We are working with CherryHub to bring gamification solutions to sports organisations, and USA Archery’s project is the first example of this coming to fruition.

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15.06.23 2 minute read

Build or Buy?: Whether to choose a digital partner or build in-house when implementing a new membership system

Assessing the key differences between developing an membership management solution in-house, and choosing a digital partner to support technological evolution with an industry-proven system.

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14.06.23 2 minute read

How NGBs can personalise member experience with AI

By taking advantage of the dynamic potential of artificial intelligence, NGBs (National Governing Bodies) can foster consistent customer engagement and satisfaction in the dynamic world of sports.

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08.06.23 5 minute read

ukactive launches 2023 Digital Futures Consultation in collaboration with Sport England

We are delighted to be supporting this vital research, which is being conducted to support sports organisations to transform their digital capabilities.

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07.06.23 2 minute read

How NGBs can leverage AI to streamline operations

AI can support National Governing Bodies (NGBs) by automating tasks, optimising resources, and enhancing efficiency in delivering exceptional services to members.

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01.06.23 2 minute read

Harnessing the power of AI: Empowering National Governing Bodies of Sport

Explore how artificial intelligence (AI) empowers National Governing Bodies (NGBs), supporting the evolution of operations, member experiences, and events.

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30.05.23 2 minute read

Why onboarding is vital to successfully adopting new technologies

Discover how our comprehensive onboarding process is designed to ensure National Governing Bodies (NGBs) can adopt our technology successfully and seamlessly.

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18.05.23 5 minute read

How NGBs can make the most of our event sanctioning functionality

National Governing Bodies (NGBs) are streamlining event management and ensuring compliance with our transformative event sanctioning functionality.

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11.05.23 2 minute read

Efficient diversity, equality and inclusion reporting with Sport:80

With our diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) data visualisation dashboards, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) are able to produce required reports more quickly and easily than ever before.

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04.05.23 2 minute read

Simplifying background checks with the WSA

Sport:80 customers will soon be able to take advantage of an integration with the Welsh Sports Association’s (WSA) DBS service for sport and leisure.

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03.05.23 2 minute read

Sport:80 partner with refbook to streamline management of officials

The cloud-based sport officials management (SOM) solution developed by refbook is delivering unprecedented flexibility and connectivity for officials, administrators and assignors alike.

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19.04.23 5 minute read

How we prioritise first-class cyber security measures

Aligning ourselves with the highest industry standards for cyber security is our number one priority, and we have put several systems and processes in place to defend against the increasing threat of cyber attacks.

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11.04.23 2 minute read

How our digital wallet functionality makes life easier for your organisation and community

Through our Platform your community can keep digital membership cards, qualifications, certificates, and event tickets right in their pocket.

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05.04.23 2 minute read

SportCheer England to use technology as foundation to gain Sport England recognition

We are incredibly excited to be supporting SportCheer England with a crucial step in their development with a new membership management solution.

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04.04.23 5 minute read

How our technology and services support NGBs to become more sustainable

Through our partnerships and software, the organisations we work with are able to become more sustainable by digitising and streamlining key processes.

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31.03.23 2 minute read

A rundown of our eventful week visiting clients in Colorado Springs

We take a look back on a series of productive meetings, phenomenal food and drink, breathtaking views, and friendly sporting competition.

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23.03.23 5 minute read

What we are doing to become a more sustainable organisation

With a strategy to improve our sustainability credentials, we are making the necessary steps to become more environmentally conscious.

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21.03.23 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Jordan Wright

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Jordan Wright, Software Engineer at Sport:80.

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13.03.23 5 minute read

USA Water Polo revolutionise member experience with Sport:80 partnership

Case Study: USA Water Polo and Sport:80

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10.03.23 2 minute read

International Federation of American Football harness the power of technology with Sport:80

We are extremely proud to be working with the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) to support the acceleration of their digital evolution.

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09.03.23 2 minute read

Boost conversion rates and streamline payment processes through 'Link' by Stripe

We have upgraded the Sport:80 Platform’s payment functionality by adding ‘Link’ to our Stripe integration.

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06.03.23 5 minute read

The importance of sustainability in sport

Our COO, Jonny Turner, analyses why environmental consciousness is leading decision-making in the sports industry.

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02.03.23 2 minute read

Pétanque England handle membership renewal rush with cutting edge solution delivered by Sport:80

We are proud to be working with Pétanque England, who have adopted our technology to take the next step in their digital evolution.

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23.02.23 2 minute read

How NGBs are making workforce management easier through Sport:80 and Rosterfy partnership

We have partnered with Rosterfy, whose market-leading workforce management solution is enabling governing bodies to maximise engagement with volunteers, coaches, and officials.

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21.02.23 2 minute read

Google and Apple Pay now available in significant upgrade to payments functionality

The introduction of Google and Apple Pay is part of a series of Stripe upgrades that will improve the way payments can be made through the Sport:80 Platform.

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16.02.23 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Josh Cowling

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Josh Cowling, Customer Success Team Member at Sport:80.

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14.02.23 2 minute read

Sport:80 and Globocol partner to simplify safeguarding case management for NGBs

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Globocol, who have designed a safeguarding case management solution specific to the sports industry.

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13.02.23 2 minute read

UK Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu choose Sport:80 to support digital transformation

The UK Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association (UKBJJA), one of the UK’s fastest-growing NGBs, is officially adopting our innovative technology to support its members.

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08.02.23 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Michael Holley

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Michael Holley, Software Engineer at Sport:80.

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27.01.23 2 minute read

Sport:80 achieve internationally recognised information security accreditation ISO 27001

We are incredibly proud to announce that we are now ISO 27001 certified, which officially recognises the company’s commitment to first-class information security management.

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16.01.23 2 minute read

How sports clubs and NGBs can smash fundraising targets through Sport:80 and iSponsor partnership

We are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with iSponsor, who provide revolutionary community fundraising technology to sports organisations, clubs, and NGBs.

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11.01.23 10 minute read

Sport:80 and etrainu discuss integration set to provide sports industry with unprecedented access to innovative online learning capabilities.

"We've created a foundational integration so that we can essentially plug-and-play with any NGB".

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21.12.22 5 minute read

Sport:80 and Cherry Hub partner to boost sport organisation customer acquisition capabilities

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Cherry Hub, which will bring innovative gamification and digital membership solutions to the sports organisations that we work with.

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20.12.22 2 minute read

Hitting your diversity, equality, and inclusion targets with Sport:80

With our data visualisation solution, our partners have transformed the way they track and report on representation in their sports.

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09.12.22 2 minute read

How NGBs are optimising customer experience with Sport:80 data dashboards

Using our custom-configured data visualisation dashboards, our partners are able to better understand their customers, and identify opportunities for growth.

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24.11.22 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Margarida Ribiero

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Margarida Ribiero, Software Engineer at Sport:80.

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14.11.22 5 minute read

How the Qatar World Cup reflects the wider rise of data in sport

Our COO, Jonny Turner, analyzes the data revolution, and discusses how NGBs can tap into the enormous potential of their membership data with the Sport:80 data dashboards.

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07.11.22 5 minute read

How Sport:80 audits ensure each client receives first-rate personal customer service

Today we sat with Customer Success Executive, Emma Witherford, to discuss in detail the annual audits which she delivers for Sport:80 clients.

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04.11.22 5 minute read

Recapping an unforgettable week at TEAMS '22

We take a look back at fantastic meetings, eye-opening seminars, and scintillating sport in the USA.

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26.10.22 2 minute read

Sport:80 joins innovative companies to form the Sports Technology Alliance

We are delighted to announce that we are a founding member of the ‘Sports Technology Alliance’; a collective of pioneering technology companies that are driven to design, deliver, and support innovative solutions that enable the growth of sport.

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18.10.22 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Emma Witherford

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Emma Witherford, Customer Success Team Member at Sport:80.

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13.10.22 2 minute read

Sport:80 officially presented with Queen’s Award by Lord Lieutenant Dame Hilary Chapman DBE

On Monday, the Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, His Majesty The King's Personal Representative, visited our Kelham Island office to officially present us with our Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

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05.10.22 2 minute read

E-learning specialists ‘etrainu’ to bolster the sports industry with Sport:80 partnership

We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with etrainu, which promises to make innovative online learning solutions more accessible and functional for the sports organisations that we work with.

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30.09.22 2 minute read

Sport:80 develop app to digitise the American Kennel Club’s Agility League

We are delighted to announce a new project with the American Kennel Club (AKC), which will see Sport:80 develop a new app solution to support their online AKC Agility League™.

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27.09.22 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Jake Lane

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Jake Lane, Content Marketing Executive at Sport:80.

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16.09.22 2 minute read

Additional safeguarding certifications made more accessible through Sport:80’s unparalleled SafeSport integration

We are incredibly proud to have updated our integration with the US Center for SafeSport’s learning management system (LMS) to make new additional certifications available.

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08.09.22 5 minute read

Sport Ireland to work with Sport:80 to streamline safeguarding certification processes

We are delighted to announce a new project with Sport Ireland to support the organisation with its safeguarding certification processes.

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06.09.22 2 minute read

How each Sport:80 partner benefits from the continued evolution of our Customer Success team

We recently sat down with our Head of Customer Success, Rich Mallon, to look back on how Sport:80’s Customer Success Team has evolved since we first formed in 2012.

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01.09.22 5 minute read

How Sport:80 worked alongside USA Track and Field to revolutionise digital offering

Case Study: USA Track and Field and Sport:80

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17.08.22 5 minute read

NGBs, don’t give up ownership of your data!

To realise value from data, one thing is for sure, you have to own it (literally and metaphorically!).

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11.08.22 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Sam Vincent

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Sam Vincent, Customer Success Manager at Sport:80.

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26.07.22 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Chris Johnston

In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Chris Johnston, Senior Software Engineer at Sport:80.

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21.07.22 2 minute read

Three new Welsh NGBs sign up to adopt the Sport:80 Platform

Angling Cymru, Badminton Wales, and Basketball Wales have become the latest Welsh NGBs to power their sports with innovative technological solutions delivered by us at Sport:80.

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19.07.22 2 minute read

Sport:80, the SRA and SIRC, team up to understand grassroots sport COVID recovery and cost of living impact

We have joined forces with the Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA) and the Sports Industry Research Centre (SIRC) at Sheffield Hallam University to deliver a piece of research into the challenges faced by grassroots sport

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11.07.22 2 minute read

Meet The Team: Bradley Champion

In the first instalment of our brand new 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Bradley Champion, Customer Success Team Member at Sport:80.

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17.06.22 5 minute read

TournamentSoftware integration making competition management a breeze for Badminton Ireland

Case Study: Badminton Ireland and Sport:80

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09.06.22 5 minute read

The bespoke ranking systems delivered by Sport:80 optimising NGB results collection

Case Study: Results and ranking systems by Sport:80

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26.05.22 5 minute read

New interface updates launched to simplify user experience in Sport:80 Platform

We’re delighted to have launched a series of updates to the Sport:80 Platform registration flows, designed to simplify the user journey.

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25.05.22 2 minute read

Managed software as a service: What makes Sport:80 so special

While ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) and ‘managed software as a service’ (MSaaS) might seem similar, there are some key differences, and it’s the ‘managed’ aspect that is so important to us.

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23.05.22 2 minute read

New Club Management System to support grassroots archery

We are excited to announce the launch of a new solution to support grassroots organisations with a number of tools, in collaboration with Archery GB.

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05.05.22 5 minute read

New dashboard solution launched to convert data into insights

We are excited to announce the launch of our new data visualisation dashboards which will provide your organisation with enhanced analytical capabilities.

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21.04.22 5 minute read

Sport:80 wins UK’s most prestigious business award

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.

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10.03.22 5 minute read

Sport:80 backs Tanni Grey-Thompson's call for immediate improvements in safeguarding in sport

The findings of a House of Lords select committee report concluded it is “unacceptable” that recommendations to improve safeguarding in sport made by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson in 2017 had not yet been implemented, intensifying calls for reform.

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31.01.22 2 minute read

Celebrating 10 years of Sport:80

2022 marks a special milestone for everyone at Sport:80 as we celebrate 10 years since the company was founded.

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15.11.21 2 minute read

Sport:80 shortlisted for Best Technology Company Award

Sports Tech specialists Sport:80 have been shortlisted for the ‘Best Technology Company’ Award at this year’s Sheffield Business Awards.

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21.10.21 2 minute read

Badminton Ireland turns to technology to bring its sporting community together

Badminton Ireland, the country's National Governing Body for the sport of badminton, has embarked on the build of a new digital membership system for the management of and engagement with members, clubs, leagues, counties, and branches across the country.

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07.10.21 5 minute read

Sport:80 CEO named as One to Watch in The LDC Top 50

Gary Hargraves, CEO of Sheffield-based sports tech specialist Sport:80 has been named as one of this year’s Ones To Watch as part of The LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders programme for 2021.

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22.09.21 5 minute read

USA Water Polo teams up with Sport:80 to use technology to take the sport from the pool to the cloud

USA Water Polo has teamed up with sports technology specialists, Sport:80, to make a significant shift in the way it delivers digital services to athletes, coaches, officials, and clubs.

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16.09.21 2 minute read

Sport:80 & Joymo unveil strategic partnership

Joymo, the direct-to-consumer OTT media platform for governing bodies, clubs, teams, and athletes in sport, has entered a strategic alliance with leading sport management technology provider, Sport:80.

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01.07.21 5 minute read

Sport:80 adds three British winter sports bodies to growing client roster

Snowsport England, Snowsport Wales and British Bobsleigh, have joined our rapidly-growing Community of leading sports governing bodies.

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29.06.21 5 minute read

How technology is driving the move towards effective safeguarding in sport

An article by Sport:80 CEO, Gary Hargraves.

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31.03.21 5 minute read

Sport:80 & Wrkit

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Wrkit to help sports organisations establish invaluable engagement with their members and participants.

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24.03.21 5 minute read

A new grassroots innovation as sport is set for a return

We are delighted to announce the launch of our club management system just days away from grassroots sport being able to make its first steps back to normality.

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