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More than sports CRM software

Capitalise on the power of technology with Sport:80 solutions

Your sports organisation is unique, so you need a software package that understands exactly how you work. Sport:80 isn't your typical technology company and we never offer "off the shelf" software that your organisation has to accommodate.

We recognise that 'off the shelf' doesn't always work for sport organisations and that's why we custom configure our solutions. Sport:80 isn't your typical technology company; we take the time to understand your organisation then configure our solutions to suit your needs.

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Innovative sports tech backed by the experts

Our highly skilled and dedicated team of experts are with you all the way; from your initial consultation and on-boarding, through launching the Sport:80 Platform for your organisation and beyond.

Collectively, our team has decades of experience working in the sports industry - which means you've always got our expertise on your side.

Increase efficiency, generate rich member engagement and improve data analysis

The Sport:80 Platform centralises core functions, freeing up your sports organisation's time and resources.

From CRM, memberships and event registration to finance management, compliance and automated email communications, the Sport:80 Platform offers incredible functionality for all back office tasks.

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We are here to support you in reaching your goals

When you work with Sport:80 you don't just get innovative technology solutions. You get access to a highly skilled and dedicated team of people who want to see you succeed. They are responsible for delivering our service wrap which includes a variety of technical services, as well as training, support, annual audits, webinars and much more.

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Victoria Ward CEO at Welsh Gymnastics

"We are on a journey of digital transformation, and Sport:80 has allowed us to offer a significantly improved experience to our members. The feedback we have had so far has been excellent. Relative to the volume of members being processed through the system, the queries raised have been minimal. How we ever managed without Sport:80, I don't know!"

Scott Galreth Director of Information Technology at USA Track and Field

"The difference between our old system and the one we have in place now is night and day. Not only do we have more control and a significant improvement to the integrity of our data, but it’s just nice to not have to be constantly firefighting. We no longer have to spend all of our time trying to fix things like system crashes, we can be completely focused on planning for the future."

Mary Emmons Chief of Sport Performance and Organizational Development at USA Archery

"We're really impressed by Sport:80's approach and I have no doubt that everyone involved in USA Archery is going to benefit from the introduction of the Platform. Members have greater autonomy over their accounts and have access to a variety of innovations that make it even easier to participate. It's a really exciting milestone for the sport and we are very much looking forward to working alongside Sport:80 to continually improve our online membership and event services."

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Enhance your digital capabilities

Alongside the comprehensive functionality of the Sport:80 Platform's core features, we offer a host of additional products designed to deliver value across your organisation.


Interactive data dashboards including reporting and predictive AI.

Campaign Manager

Our integrated email marketing tool utilises data hosted within the platform.

Results & Rankings

Bespoke R&R solutions that automatically implement your scheme.

Club Management System

An innovative solution designed to support grassroots organisations.

Mobile Applications

Both ready-made and bespoke app solutions to engage with your audiences.

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Drive transformation and growth through your sport's digital ecosystem

Sport:80 helps your organisation create a network of digital services that will:

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1. Create new sources of revenue

Track and analyse comprehensive data flowing through your organisation and use it to create new products that your members need and bring value-added services to your sports business.

2. Lower costs through improved business processes

Embracing digital transformation and ecosystem integration platforms results in measurable financial savings, improving workflow efficiency and reducing operational costs.

3. Increase speed of technology adoption

Your sport needs to be at the cutting edge. Make sure your organisation keeps up the pace by embracing new technology.

4. Be part of something bigger

Your sport is unique, just like your organisation and your members - and you're part of a wider network of passionate sports people, coming together for the good of sport. An environment which promotes healthy, sustainable growth as part of a global ecosystem is one which is both powerful and reassuring.

Create solutions that align with your sport

We recognise that 'off the shelf' doesn't always work for sports organisations - that's why we offer custom configured solutions that deliver against your immediate needs and can evolve to meet your future goals.

We get to know you and your organisation's needs, then work with you to put together a solution that's the perfect fit.

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Discover what Sport:80 can do for you

Arrange your live, personalised demonstration to find out how we can help your sports organisation flourish.

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