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Discover the Sport:80 Platform's features

The Sport:80 Platform is a complete sports business solution

Explore the extensive features and see how our cloud based software can help advance your organization or NGB, using cutting edge sports tech to put your sport on the winner's podium.

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Membership Management

Make registration and renewal seamless for all your members. B2B members - clubs, leagues and regions - and B2C members - athletes, coaches, officials and supporters - find our comprehensive membership portal easy and intuitive.

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Qualification Management

Allow members to record and review their qualifications while you sell places for your courses, and administer and manage a variety of qualifications, licences and awards.

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Event Registration

Facilitate online entry to all of your organisation's competitions, camps, trips, courses, training sessions and social events to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for members and build community within your sport.

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CRM & Contact Management

Efficiently track and manage engagement with your members and respond to their needs in real-time.

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Data Management & Reporting

Take advantage of powerful data management and reporting features that allow you to manage, segregate and analyze all of the data your organization collects.

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Governance & Compliance

Access a host of tools that make managing governance and compliance reporting robust, simple and efficient.

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Marketing & Communications

Utilise innovative features designed to assist and improve the way you communicate with your athletes, coaches, officials, clubs and other organisations and individuals participating in your sport.

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Customer Support Centre

Improve member satisfaction with a central support system that gives access to support resources and the ability to send support tickets to your team.

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Payments & Finance

Give members the opportunity to pay online in a variety of ways with our fully integrated payment gateway, and take advantage of various financial management tools.

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Quickly and easily collect donations from members and non-members to fundraise for your organisation's good causes, initiatives and programs.

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Data Security

Promote high standards of data security throughout your organisation and its extended network.

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Third-Party Integrations

Connect the Sport:80 Platform with your website, apps and other web services to securely share data throughout your network.

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Discover what Sport:80 can do for you

Arrange your live, personalized demonstration to find out how we can help your sports organization flourish.

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