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Frequently asked questions

Have a burning question about the Sport:80 Platform and how it could help your sports organisation?

Who is the Sport:80 Platform for?

We built the Sport:80 Platform to provide value to every tier of sport, but it is primarily design for International Federations, National Governing Bodies and other sports organisations that support a network of members. 

If you are liking what you read but you don't fit into one of those three categories, we welcome you to get in touch and have a chat. 

To find out more about the Sport:80 Platform book a demo, or contact a member of our team.

How long will it take for my organisation to implement?

The time it takes to get your organisation up and running on the platform is dependent on your specific requirements. Our experience is that it takes anywhere from 6 months for simpler projects up to 18 months for those that are complex. 

This period of time is what we refer to as the 'onboarding process'. It's where we get into the detail of your organisation and how you want the Sport:80 Platform to work for you. We also configure and systematically test your platform to ensure that everything is as it should be ahead of launching. 

To determine how long the onboarding process would be for you, we will want to know as much as possible about your organisation from our first conversation. We will talk about your existing systems, the way you work, why you are interested in Sport:80 and your immediate and future goals.

Is your technology GDPR compliant?

Yes, absolutely. We take the security of data and compliance with regulations incredibly seriously and as a result, our technology includes a host of comprehensive data protection, access and management features.

Does our organisation have to adopt all of the features or can we pick and choose?

You can simply pick and choose the features you need. Our goal is to make sure you receive the solution that's best suited to your organisation. 

So, whether you want an all-singing, all-dancing package with all the bells and whistles or just a simple solution that caters for your membership registrations, we talk you through all the features available and together we create a platform blueprint that is specific to your organisation.

Can we have our logo, imagery and branding on the Platform?

Of course! Our approach is that your organisation takes ownership of the Sport:80 platform, making it your own, which includes ensuring that your branding is consistent throughout.

Are there any limits on how many admin users my organisation can have?

No, we never put limits on how many admin users your organisation can have. We want to make the Sport:80 Platform simple and straightforward for your organisation to use, so we think it would be counterintuitive to place limits on this kind of thing.

How can I arrange a demonstration of the platform?

To see for yourself how the Sport:80 Platform works just click here to fill out the short form and we'll be in touch to arrange your personalised demonstration.

What if I can't find the answer to my question here?

Just get in touch with a member of our team by completing the form on our contact page. Someone from our team will be back in touch shortly to answer your question.


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