Business intelligence helps to boost productivity and support effective decision making in your sport. By analyzing factors such as athlete performance, fan engagement and market analysis – you are provided with a better understanding of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

Find out more about the benefits of analyzing important sports data, and how sports management software such as the Sport:80 Platform, can help.

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Why analyze important sports data?

You are able to identify ways to grow the impact of your sport

Gaining business intelligence means you can identify ways to grow the impact of your sport. For example, you can look at insight into which events are the most successful for your sport, and areas which have the least participation. Read how sport management software can help you to achieve membership growth here.

Analyzing important sports data such as event participation can also lead you to make more informed business decisions, as you have a better understanding of your average member spend, for example.

Analyzing financial growth allows you to see which areas bring in the most revenue

By analyzing data through solutions such as the Sport:80 Platform, you are able to clearly track your organization’s financial growth. Additionally, you can easily and quickly identify which areas are bringing in the most revenue, helping you to make more informed business decisions. The Sport:80 Platform provides insight into revenue generated by different departments, such as membership, events, education, and merchandise.

Having a greater understanding of your members allows you to make more informed business decisions

As a sports organization or NGB it is also important to get an understanding of how many of your members are coaches, athletes, volunteers, or otherwise. This data allows you to gain a better understanding of your audience, so you can tailor marketing and content towards your members. You can also use this data to gain a better understanding of how to attract future customers.

When using software such as the Sport:80 Platform, you are able to utilize important data such as demographics. Additionally, you have access to an activity map, demonstrating the location of your members, clubs, and events – further increasing business intelligence.

Sport management software also allows you to see when athletes are participating in events and training, and how active they are. This allows you to identify hot spots in terms of participation and where to invest time and resource to grow the impact of your sport.

Analyzing sports data allows you to quickly visualize year-on-year growth

With the ability to quickly view finance reports; you can clearly and easily gain greater understanding of your year-on-year progression. You can also analyze factors such as the number of active members compared to a previous period, your number of active clubs, and the number of events sanctioned and delivered.

This data can easily be downloaded into simple formats, such as graphs and charts.

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You can provide a tailored experience for members, as you can track and analyze the success of emails and marketing

Sports membership management software such as the Sport:80 Platform also allows you to analyze data regarding the success of marketing and email campaigns, which can ultimately be used to improve user experience, and ensure your members are engaging with activities that suit their needs and interests.

Find out more about the features of the Sport:80 Platform here.

Analyzing sports data is useful for applying for grants and funding

Finally, the data you can access from sport management software is important for supporting you with applications for grants and funding from industry bodies. For example, you can present the national impact of your sport through member retention, participation levels, and other socio-economic factors.

Why choose Sport:80?

At Sport:80, we are committed to improving your online presence and improving engagement in your sport. Using the Sport:80 Platform, you can view and utilize important sports data, including member demographics, age and spend, and financial data that you can compare year-on-year.

We go above and beyond in delivering high-quality customer service and support – including regular health checks, webinars, workshops, and annual reviews. You will be assigned a main point of contact who will work with you to discuss your bespoke plan. Additionally, we provide access to an expert knowledge base of FAQs, helpful articles, and tutorial videos.

You can find out more about our range of features and technology support.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to increase athlete engagement in a sport?

Athlete engagement has a direct and significant link to revenue generation, as increased engagement means your athletes are ultimately more likely to participate in events.

What are some key benefits of using sport team management software?

Sport team management software can support you to increase member engagement, view and analyze important data, and streamline repetitive administrative tasks. However, there are many more benefits that sport team management software can offer. Book a demo to find out more.

Read more about the benefits of sport team management software here.

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