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Data Visualization Dashboards

Powerful Zero-Code Data Visualization to Propel Your Sports Organization Forwards

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Join over 70 NGBs using the Sport:80 Platform to harness the power of data.

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Game-Changing Insight That Fuels Data-Driven Growth

Real-Time Data-Driven Decisions

The Sport:80 data visualization tool gives you the answers to your most pressing questions, backed up by real-time data. Gain a deeper understanding of levels of participation, membership churn, customer activity, financial performance, safeguarding, compliance, and representation across your sport—all at lightning speed. Plus, unearth invaluable insight to inform sporting, operational and commercial decisions to drive your organization forward.

Unlock Bigger Opportunities with Third-Party Data

Enhance Insights with External Data

Bring greater depth to your data with open and third-party sources. Enrich your understanding of your customers and sport by plugging in ONS, census, economic and environmental data. Add further layers with data from your website, e-commerce platform, social channels, e-mail marketing tools and more, to identify ways to drive greater engagement with your existing customers and create opportunities to reach new markets.

Unlock Bigger Opportunities with Third-Party Data graphic
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Seamlessly Integrates with the Full Sport:80 Platform

Integrated Data Visualization Solution

Our data visualization solution integrates seamlessly with the wider Sport:80 Platform, enabling you to create compelling visualizations from various data sources, such as demographics, finance, sporting activity, marketing and more. 

Sport:80 customers also gain access to our expert data team, who work closely with you to configure dashboards that deliver the right information to the right people, at the right time. Whether you’re looking to present to your board, c-suite or senior leadership teams, or dig deeper into your data to reveal insight into membership, events, education, governance, compliance, finance, our data visualization solution has you covered.

Explore the full Sport:80 Platform

Comprehensive Sports Management Features

More than just data analytics software, the Sport:80 Platform helps you say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and disconnected systems. With our cutting-edge cloud-based software, you can finally concentrate on what matters most - propelling your organization forward and achieving victory on the winner's podium. The Sport:80 Platform can support you with:

  • Membership Management
  • Certification Management
  • Event Registration
  • CRM & Contact Management
  • Data Management & Reporting
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Customer Support Center
  • Payments & Finance
  • Donations
  • Data Security
  • Third-Party Integrations

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Frequently asked questions

What is sports data visualization?

Sports data visualization refers to the use of visual representations, such as charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards, to present and analyze data related to sports. It allows for a more accessible and informative way of understanding complex sports statistics, trends, and performance metrics. Data visualization can enable organizations such as National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to gain valuable insights into areas such as member engagement, event participation, and finances, empowering them to make strategic decisions that can enhance their sports programs and achieve improved outcomes.

Why is data visualization important in sports?

Data visualization in sports is crucial for several reasons. It simplifies complex data, making it easier for organizations such as National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to gain valuable insights into areas such as member engagement, event participation, and finances. They also aid in enhancing fan engagement by presenting data in an accessible and exciting way.

What is data analysis in sport?

Data analysis in sports involves the systematic examination of sports-related data to derive valuable insights and inform strategic decisions. Organizations such as National Governing Bodies (NGBs) collect and analyze data on player performance, competition results, coaching techniques, and fan engagement to optimize training programs, player development, and overall sport management. Data analysis empowers NGBs to make informed choices, enhance the performance of athletes, and improve the overall landscape of the sport, ensuring it remains competitive and appealing to fans and participants.

How is data used in athletics?

Data is integral in athletics, especially for organizations such as National Governing Bodies (NGBs). NGBs can utilize data for areas including coaching strategies and injury prevention. Data-driven insights can also help NGBs to optimize training regimens and development pathways. NGBs can also employ data to improve fan engagement, sponsorship negotiations, and regulatory compliance, enhancing their sport's appeal and long-term sustainability. Data is a fundamental tool for organizations such as NGBs to make informed decisions and drive success in athletics.

How do you collect sports data?

National Governing Bodies (NGBs) can efficiently collect sports data by leveraging technology such as membership management systems, which streamline the process of gathering performance data, managing member engagement, and maintaining financial records. Systems such as the Sport:80 Platform make data collection more accessible and enable NGBs to make informed decisions to enhance athlete development, fan engagement, and financial sustainability.

What is sports data API?

A sports data API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of rules and protocols that allows developers to access and retrieve sports-related data from a database or service. Sports data APIs provide structured and real-time information on various aspects of sports which enable developers to integrate sports data into websites, applications, and other software, making it easier for fans, analysts, and organizations to access and utilize up-to-date data in their own digital platforms.


NGBs and sports organizations using Sport:80 solutions

USA Track & Field preview image

USA Track & Field

The NGB approached us to deliver a technology solution that would deliver services to its 120,000+ members while also supporting business-critical operations.

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USA Water Polo preview image

USA Water Polo

USA Water Polo came to us in search of a membership Platform which could support their members with easy-to-use team roster processing for more than 300 tournaments per year.

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USA Archery preview image

USA Archery

We supported the NGB to more effectively engage with both existing and prospective members while enhancing the overall efficiency of their membership sign-up processes.

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Wales Netball preview image

Wales Netball

Wales Netball sought a modern membership system to streamline administrative tasks and empower staff and participants for a more efficient and engaging experience.

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