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Data Management & Reporting

Advanced Data Management and Reporting Tools for Peak Performance

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Join over 70 NGBs using Sport:80 to organize, analyze, and leverage their data for success.

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Easily Manage Your Data and Generate Valuable Insights

Streamlined Data Management and Insights Extraction

Effortlessly oversee all the data related to your sports organization with Sport:80 - from memberships, activity logs, and participation levels to event data, revenue metrics, and more. More than just a sports data platform, our solution provides staff with user-friendly administrative tools that simplify data management. Making changes to profile information is a straightforward process, ensuring your database remains accurate and up to date. Utilize robust advanced filters to quickly access the data you need, enabling you to extract valuable insights with ease.

Make Data-Backed Decisions With Powerful Automated Reports

Actionable Insights Through Comprehensive Reports

Access comprehensive, automated reports that turn your data into actionable opportunities. Explore membership reports to gain insights into participant engagement at all levels, or dig deeper into detailed member history and activity logs. Dive into financial reports tailored to revenue-generating areas, simplifying financial reconciliation in your accounting software. The Sport:80 Platform enables you to make data-backed decisions that will drive your sport forwards.

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Enhanced Data Security to Provide You with Added Peace of Mind

Industry-Leading Data Protection & Security Measures

Recognizing the importance of keeping your data safe and secure, we prioritize industry-leading security protocols. These measures not only protect your organization's data but also safeguard crucial information about your members. Through the Sport:80 Platform, you can experience complete peace of mind, reassured by the fact that your data is well-protected, enabling you to channel your focus on advancing your sport.

Discover Sport:80's Data Management & Reporting Capabilities

Comprehensive Data Handling & Reporting Features

Sport:80's data management and reporting features offer unparalleled efficiency, from seamless data handling to comprehensive reporting, our Platform equips your organization with the tools it needs to thrive.

  • Add, edit, delete records
  • Access histories and activity logs
  • ‘Smart Lists’ for enhanced data reporting
  • Save and share reports
  • Insight through membership and participation statistics
  • Revenue reports for simplified reconciliation
  • Event analytics
  • Stringent security, adhering to leading standards

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Discover Sport:80's Data Management & Reporting Capabilities graphic

Frequently asked questions

What is data management in sports?

Data management in sports involves systematically collecting, storing, and organizing data related to player statistics, fan interactions, financial details, and more within sports organizations, teams, and events. The key objectives include gathering data from various sources, ensuring secure storage, integrating data for a unified view, utilizing analytics for insights into player performance and fan behavior, enhancing fan engagement through personalized communications, managing finances effectively, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. By harnessing the power of data, sports organizations can make informed decisions, optimize team performance, boost fan loyalty, and maximize both revenue and operational efficiency.

How is data used in sports?

Data in sports is used for player performance analysis, informing in-game decisions, scouting and recruitment, fan engagement, ticket sales, health monitoring, financial management, sponsorship evaluation, compliance reporting, and enhancing the overall fan experience through data-driven insights. It aids in optimizing strategies, player health, and organizational efficiency, contributing to success on and off the field.

What is an example of data analytics in sports?

An example of data analytics in sports is when a National Governing Body (NGB) utilizes member engagement data to optimize sporting events. The NGB collects data on members' participation, preferences, and event attendance. By analyzing this data, the NGB can tailor event offerings, scheduling, and marketing strategies to maximize member participation and satisfaction. This data-driven approach helps the NGB enhance the overall sporting experience for its members and ensures that events are well-attended and aligned with members' interests.

Why do we collect data in sport?

Data in sports is collected to enhance performance, make informed decisions, recruit talent, engage fans, optimize revenue, ensure athlete well-being, manage finances, attract sponsorships, meet legal requirements, and enhance the overall fan experience.

Explore more features

More than just sports data management software, the Sport:80 Platform helps you say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and disconnected systems. With our cutting-edge cloud-based software, you can finally concentrate on what matters most - propelling your organization forward and achieving victory on the winner's podium.

Certification Management

Allow members to record and review their certifications while you sell places for your courses, and administer and manage a variety of certifications, licences and awards.

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CRM & Contact Management

Efficiently track and manage engagement with your members and respond to their needs in real-time.

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Customer Support Center

Improve member satisfaction with a central support system that gives access to support resources and the ability to send support tickets to your team.

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Membership Management

Make registration and renewal seamless for all your members. B2B members - clubs, leagues and regions - and B2C members - athletes, coaches, officials and supporters - find our comprehensive membership portal easy and intuitive.

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Case Studies

USA Track & Field revolutionize digital services through Sport:80 partnership

The NGB approached us to deliver a technology solution that would deliver services to its 120,000+ members while also supporting business-critical operations.

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