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Event Registration

Increase Participation with Easy-To-Use Event Registration

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Join over 70 NGBs using Sport:80 to streamline event registration, sanctioning, and management.

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Let Sport:80 Handle All Aspects of Event Management

A Comprehensive Event Management Module

The Sport:80 Platform’s intuitive events module takes care of every aspect of event management. Online sports event registration makes signing up easy, whether that’s for competitions, camps, trips, courses or training sessions. 

Events are fully customisable within the Platform - add all the relevant details and segment your events into custom categories. Plus, keep your members up to date with events through in-built communication tools. Managed in one central hub, you can ensure a smooth and engaging experience for participants, promoting a strong sense of community within your sport. 


Unlock New Avenues for Revenue with Easy Payments, Sanctioning and Upsells

Maximizing Revenue & Participant Engagement

Easily collect entry fees online, with all the payment options participants expect for a seamless, secure checkout experience. Built-in event sanctioning grants external event organizers the ability to manage registration through the Sport:80 Platform, increasing your revenue potential. 

Incentivize registration by offering early bird, standard, and late registration rates. Boost revenue further with seamless upsells, such as event merchandise or accommodation options during the registration process or on entry to events. 

Unlock New Avenues for Revenue with Easy Payments, Sanctioning and Upsells graphic
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Drive Participation with Automated, Real-Time Event Admin

Streamlined Event Administration for Enhanced Participant Experience

Maximize attendance with automated waiting lists - users can simply add their name to the list and be notified once a space becomes available. Refunds are also straightforward, handled entirely within the Platform, providing participants with a hassle-free experience. 

With real-time entry management and comprehensive event reports, you can focus on delivering events and engaging with participants without the unnecessary hassles of admin. Sport:80 provides an automated solution that enables participants to enjoy their event experience to the fullest.

Discover Sport:80's Event Registration Capabilities

Simplified Event Registration and Management Features

The Sport:80 Platform simplifies event registration. From simplified entry management to seamless communication and data collection, we provide comprehensive solutions - all within a single, integrated platform.

  • Customize event formats, categories, fees, and information
  • Process individual and team entries
  • Collect online payments with flexible pricing options
  • Utilize automated waiting lists
  • Issue e-tickets with check-in functionality
  • Manage entries, reports, communication, and refunds
  • Upsell additional items at the point of entry
  • Make events accessible to external organizers

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Discover Sport:80's Event Registration Capabilities graphic

Frequently asked questions

What is event management software?

Event management software encompasses a range of tools and features designed to streamline various aspects of event planning, including attendee registration, venue selection, scheduling, budgeting, marketing, and communication. This software can help event organizers simplify complex tasks, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall attendee experience. It is commonly used for managing various types of events, such as conferences, trade shows, meetings, fundraisers, and social events, and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of different event planners and organizations.

What is event CRM?

Event CRM, or Event Customer Relationship Management, is a specialized customer relationship management system designed for the event industry. It focuses on managing interactions and relationships with event attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and other stakeholders. Event CRM software allows event organizers to collect and store attendee information, track their interactions and preferences, and use this data to personalize event experiences, improve engagement, and build lasting relationships. It often includes features to help event organizers understand their audience and make data-driven decisions to enhance future events, and they are valuable tools for creating memorable and successful events.

What is CRM in sports management?

Sports Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is used to collect and manage data related to these relationships, including ticket sales, fan engagement, merchandise purchases, and other interactions. The data can be leveraged to personalize communications, enhance the fan experience, and improve marketing efforts. CRM in sports management aims to increase fan loyalty, boost revenue, and create a more engaging and enjoyable experience for fans and supporters of a sports organization.

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More than just sports event management software, the Sport:80 Platform helps you say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and disconnected systems. With our cutting-edge cloud-based software, you can finally concentrate on what matters most - propelling your organization forward and achieving victory on the winner's podium.

Third-Party Integrations

Connect the Sport:80 Platform with your website, apps and other web services to securely share data throughout your network.

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CRM & Contact Management

Efficiently track and manage engagement with your members and respond to their needs in real-time.

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Data Management & Reporting

Take advantage of powerful data management and reporting features that allow you to manage, segregate and analyze all of the data your organization collects.

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Governance & Compliance

Access a host of tools that make managing governance and compliance reporting robust, simple and efficient.

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Case Studies

USA Track & Field revolutionize digital services through Sport:80 partnership

The NGB approached us to deliver a technology solution that would deliver services to its 120,000+ members while also supporting business-critical operations.

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