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Marketing & Communications

Build Engaged Communities with Powerful Built-In Marketing Tools

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Join over 70 NGBs using Sport:80 to build engaged communities through effective sports email marketing and outreach.

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Save Time and Drive Engagement with Email Automation

Streamlined Email Automation for Increased Engagement

Automate vital email communications such as membership purchase confirmations and renewal reminders, plus trigger emails based on specified user actions within the Platform to ensure that athletes, coaches, officials, clubs, and participants are always kept in the loop. This automation not only saves time but also maintains consistent interaction, driving engagement and creating a strong community.

Segment Your Audience with Ease for Targeted Communications

Effective Audience Segmentation for Targeted Messaging

The power of tailored communication is at your fingertips with the Sport:80 Platform. Easily segment your audience with dynamic mailing lists that take into account your members’ details and preferences, ensuring key content reaches the right people. 

Tailor your messaging according to each segment for highly targeted communications that boost engagement and participation. Plus, the Platform’s intuitive design features enable you to craft visually engaging emails that convey your message effectively.

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Insightful Analytics That Maximize Engagement

Data-Driven Insights for Enhanced Engagement

Success lies in understanding the impact of your efforts. The Sport:80 Platform’s analytical tools let you track the effectiveness of your email campaigns in real time. Gain insights into metrics such as email opens, clicks, bounces, and even geographical engagement. 

Create stunning visual data dashboards to showcase and dig deeper into the reach and resonance of your communications. Use this information to make data-driven decisions, refine your approach, and continually improve your engagement strategies.

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Comprehensive Marketing & Communication Features

The Sport:80 Platform simplifies sports marketing and communications. From streamlined email campaigns to insightful analytics, our integrated Platform empowers you to connect with your community in meaningful and efficient ways.

  • Automated email distribution
  • Targeted email marketing
  • Create dynamic mailing lists
  • Template-driven email design
  • Personalization for increased campaign effectiveness
  • Analytical tools
  • Supports your GDPR compliance

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Frequently asked questions

How to do marketing for a sports team?

Marketing for a sports team involves creating a strong online presence, sharing engaging content on social media, utilizing email campaigns, using social media advertising, building partnerships with local businesses, engaging with the community, promoting merchandise, highlighting players, offering ticket promotions, using analytical tools for insights, and encouraging email subscriptions. Effective marketing aims to engage fans, boost ticket sales, and build a loyal fan community.

What is an example of sport marketing?

An example of sports marketing in the context of an NGB is when they use an association management system, such as the Sport:80 Platform, to communicate with various stakeholders, including member clubs, athletes, and sponsors. The NGB can leverage this Platform to send personalized newsletters, event invitations, and updates. By tailoring communications and highlighting the value of participation and sponsorship, they aim to engage stakeholders, boost event attendance, and attract more sponsors, thereby increasing support for the sport at all levels.

What is sports digital marketing?

Sports digital marketing refers to the use of online and digital channels to promote sports events, teams, athletes, and related products or services. It encompasses various strategies, such as social media marketing, email campaigns, content creation, online advertising, and website optimization, to engage fans, attract sponsors, and boost attendance at games or events. Sports digital marketing leverages digital platforms to reach a broad audience, build fan communities, and drive revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, and sponsorships.


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More than just sports marketing and communications software, the Sport:80 Platform helps you say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and disconnected systems. With our cutting-edge cloud-based software, you can finally concentrate on what matters most - propelling your organization forward and achieving victory on the winner's podium.

Data Security

Promote high standards of data security throughout your organization and its extended network.

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Third-Party Integrations

Connect the Sport:80 Platform with your website, apps and other web services to securely share data throughout your network.

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Governance & Compliance

Access a host of tools that make managing governance and compliance reporting robust, simple and efficient.

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Data Management & Reporting

Take advantage of powerful data management and reporting features that allow you to manage, segregate and analyze all of the data your organization collects.

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Case Studies

USA Track & Field revolutionize digital services through Sport:80 partnership

The NGB approached us to deliver a technology solution that would deliver services to its 120,000+ members while also supporting business-critical operations.

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