Fan engagement plays a huge role in the success of a sport organization or NGB. Sport management software offers many features that can increase fan engagement.

From marketing and communication tools to the ability to analyze fan habits – finding the right sport management software features can be invaluable in improving fan engagement and retention.

Find out more about the best sport management software features for improving fan engagement.

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Why is fan engagement important in sports?

Fan engagement plays a vital role in the growth of a sport, as it can help increase the exposure of a sport club or team through tools such as social media. It also increases fan loyalty in a sport and helps to drive additional sales.

Fan engagement can also ultimately assist with business intelligence and can help organizations to make smarter business decisions. Through analyzing fan activity, NGBs and sports organizations can identify new opportunities for merchandise, events and more. Engaged fans are also more likely to purchase merchandise, and you are more likely to see engaged fans interacting with marketing emails and communication. Merchandise sales ultimately have an important influence on the financial growth of sports organizations.

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Fan engagement can not only assist with increasing revenue, but sports organizations can also benefit from non-transactional behaviours. Senior lecturer Rui Biscaia explains, “Fan engagement implies having an emotional connection with the team, positive thoughts towards the team, and of course, these two things often translate into what is called transactional and non-transactional behaviours”.

Non-transactional behaviours can include emotional engagement in the sport, or “word-of-mouth", in which fans may introduce other people to the sport, often leading to further purchases or increased participation. In order to achieve both transactional and non-transactional behaviours, it is important to increase fan engagement and build a loyal relationship with fans.

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The best sport management software features for fans – What to look for

Marketing and communication tools allow you to personalize your fans’ experiences

Marketing and communication tools, such as automatic alerts, emails, and newsletters are useful features in sport management software, as they can help ensure fans are updated with news about the sport. Innovative email marketing tools and communication features allow fan experiences to be personalized.

Through the Sport:80 Platform, national governing bodies and other organizations can create customized welcome messages that get sent directly to a user’s email when they purchase a membership. Similarly, customized messages may be sent when fans register for events. These messages may also include QR codes for event entry, and digital membership cards to go into digital wallets. Book a demo today to find out how we can help you to improve fan engagement.

Customized “ad spaces” for fans’ home dashboards

Having the ability to customize the adverts that will appear on your members’ dashboards can ensure your fans are provided with information on the latest events, merchandise launches and more. The Sport:80 Platform allows NGBs to customize their own personal ‘ad space’ in their Platforms, which display on every fan’s home dashboard when they log in. As a result, you can direct fan traffic to specific events and online stores.

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Can fans update their own information easily?

Software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows fans to update their own information and easily change important details about their account. The ability to do this from any location and device provides fans with the efficient experience they expect from sport management software.

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The ability to view and analyze fan habits

To improve business intelligence, find software that allows you to analyze data related to fan habits, such as which emails fans engage with and their purchase history. Having access to fans’ engagement and buying habits provides national governing bodies and organizations with a better understanding of the most successful products, campaigns, and merchandise. This data can allow you to make smarter business decisions in future, as you will ultimately have a better understanding of the types of content that gain the most positive reaction from fans.

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Why choose the Sport:80 Platform?

Our Platform provides a range of unique features that help your organization to improve fan engagement. When you choose Sport:80, we will provide you with a bespoke solution depending on your requirements and specific goals in order to help your organization or NGB succeed.

At Sport:80, we have years of experience in assisting our clients with increasing fan experience and engagement across their sport. Our recent partnership with Cherry Hub allows us to further improve the way organizations and NGBs engage with their fans. Cherry Hub’s gamification solution, known as ‘CherryPlay’, can provide Sport:80 partners with a branded mobile game solution that can be played anywhere at any time. Games can strengthen relationships with fans, attract new potential customers, and provide a unique method for organizations to stand out against their competitors. Sport:80 partners can also use digital membership card functionalities as tools to further improve fan engagement and retention.

Our Platform also ensures your fans are updated with the latest event information and news, and they will be provided with a personalized, engaging experience in your sport.

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