Here, we discuss how to choose the best sport team management software, and what features to look for.

Sport team management software can not only provide you with a more efficient way of completing administration tasks, but it can also help to improve member engagement, ensuring your sports team exceeds expectations. However, it is important to find high-quality sport team membership software to ensure you are provided with the best features and technology.

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How do you find the best sport team management software company?

Consider your budget

To find the ideal sport team management software company for your NGB or sports organization, it is firstly important to consider your budget. Look around at the different options of costing and ensure you find a company that is transparent about costing.

Book a demo

You also need to consider whether you can book a demo with the company to find out how the system works and work out whether it is easy to use. By doing this, you are also provided with a clear view of the features offered and how they may benefit you and your members.

Book a Demo

We could tell you how the Sport:80 Platform can serve your needs - streamlining processes, saving money and creating an exceptional experience for members, athletes and coaches - but why not just see for yourself?

Your demonstration is live and will be tailored to your needs so you can ask questions as we delve into the incredible range of functionality available within the Sport:80 Platform.

Discover how Sport:80 can take you to the next level.

Explore reviews and testimonials

Look around at existing reviews and testimonials from other sport teams, as this can provide you with useful insight on what the company can offer you. A great way to decide whether a sports team management software company is ideal for you is by looking at their existing clients.

Find out what clients we work with here.

Does the company offer a bespoke route for sports teams?

Look for a sport team management software company who will go above and beyond to ensure you are provided with a personalized solution that will benefit you. Sport:80 will offer your organization a bespoke solution, taking on board your specific requirements and goals. Book a demo with us today to find out more.

Features to look for that can benefit sports teams

Consider the following features when finding sport management software for sports teams:

Marketing and events – will your team be provided with up-to-date industry and sporting news?

Marketing tools can allow you to update your members with events and news in the sporting industry, improving member engagement and encouraging participation.

Email and communication features can also allow you to personalize members’ experiences. For example, you may want to send birthday emails, or a congratulations message when a member reaches a certain milestone in the sport. This can help to create a unique experience, keeping every member engaged and motivated, ultimately increasing member retention.

Will you receive consistent support and customer service from the company?

Sport software companies such as Sport:80 will provide you with the consistent support, as well as technical advice and audits. This provides an additional level of customer support, and can provide you with reassurance that the company are committed to seeing your sports organization or NGB succeed.

Find out more about the features of the Sport:80 Platform here.

The ability for sport teams to see year-on-year membership and financial growth

Finding software that allows sport teams to see member buying habits and engagement habits can lead to improved business intelligence, and you will have a greater understanding of your members. Quickly viewing your financial growth provides you with a greater understanding of whether your sports team has grown significantly within a certain period.

Businesswoman in analyze stock market data using laptop computer proficiently at the office while attending a group meeting with business team

Will you be provided with insight into members’ engagement and buying habits?

Viewing member habits can lead to improved business intelligence. For example, you are provided with a better understanding of your members’ interests and which products and events are the most popular. This allows you to make smarter business decisions, as you can easily cater your marketing and communication to your members.

Find out how sport management software can improve fan engagement here.

Convenient payment methods

Choosing a sport team management software company that offers convenient and secure payment methods is vital for improving user experience. It is essential for members to be able to easily make online payments. Useful tools such as automatic membership renewal can also mean you don’t need to chase sport team members for their membership renewal fees.

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The ability to easily register for events and see event results

Solutions such as the Sport:80 Platform allow you to easily register for events. You are also provided with access to event results and have a clear view of which members participated in an event.

This not only allows you to see which events are gaining the most interest from athletes, but you can also easily identify which sport team members are regularly participating in sporting events.

Read more about the benefits of analyzing important sport data here.

Having a view of how many of your sport team members are fans, athletes or coaches can also allow you to make more informed business decisions.

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Why choose the Sport:80 Platform?

At Sport:80, we will not only help your organization become more efficient, but we will help you to prosper and increase engagement across your sport. Our features offered include excellent communication and marketing tools, efficient and flexible payment methods for your members, and a centralized membership management dashboard.

From your initial consultation to providing on-going support and audits – you will also be provided with expert guidance throughout. When you work with Sport:80, you will be assigned a main point of contact who will ensure you are provided with a bespoke, personalized solution to ensure you achieve your goals.

Read more about how our sport management software can help your organization here.

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