Efficient management of sports governing bodies, teams and clubs can ensure members, coaches and even fans are engaged in the sport and have an easy way to manage their participation.

Online sport management software can be an investment in efficiency for sports organizations and National Governing Bodies in managing membership, events, education, data, and more. Software such as the Sport:80 Platform provides a single place to view, manage and utilize important data and records. 

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What is sport management software?

Sports management software offers a suite of tools designed to centralise a sports organization’s operations. It combines functionality to support administrative and operational tasks, making managing member engagement easier for National Governing Bodies, sports clubs, teams, and other sports organizations.

A key benefit of sport management software is that it allows members to access all of their data from one place and utilize a suite of self-service functions. These kinds of features are effective for increasing user engagement and improving communication.

It can also be used to manage back-office functions and automate processes, whether its membership renewals, sports event registration, payment processing, email marketing, or managing compliance.

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Why is sport management software important?

The sports industry is ultra-competitive where every Governing Body, sports organization, sports team, and club needs to be strategically and operationally effective. It is important for sports businesses and organizations to secure their position, and utilizing tools to support business agility and efficiency are key to achieving this. Doing so ensures that Governing Bodies, clubs, and teams are equipped to capitalise on trends and overcome challenges to meet the expectations of their members and supporters. When using sport management software, processes are streamlined – saving your organization both money and time, and improving the way you manage a network of members.

Although you may only think of factors such as membership management and data ownership when sports management software comes to mind – it can actually provide many more benefits. For example, the best sports management software can help you to improve communication and marketing within a sports organization. Attracting new members is only half the battle; member and fan engagement and retention is critical to long-term growth and success. Efficient communication within an NGB team is, therefore, key, and sports management software should give you tools to automate communication with all individuals - from sending event reminders to segmenting your clients into contact groups. Additionally, the access to data that the software would provide will allow you to personalise your team members’ experience within your organization by tracking important details on their member profile.

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What to look for in sport management software

Here are some useful aspects that you may want to look for in high-quality sport management software:

  • Online registration and payments for players and families. Some online sports management software will allow parents to have profile access for younger members.
  • Different online resources, advice, and training. When you work with Sport:80, you can create a resource of support articles, frequently asked questions, and 'how-to' guides to help members solve the problems on the spot, saving them time and frustration and saving your staff resources. Our platform also provides useful support and guidance on managing members.
  • Marketing and communication features. In order to increase member engagement and improve communication - automatic alerts, invoices, emails, and newsletters can be beneficial for all members and even supporters.
  • A complete database of contacts that’s very easy to search, filter, and update. The best way of ensuring you choose a database software that is easy to use and update is to ask for a demo beforehand.
  • Financial reports, analytics, and membership summaries. Sport management software such as Sport:80 will allow sports clubs, teams, and NGBs to see an year-on-year and growth. You also want to choose software that will allow your clubs to track member progress and growth.

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Frequently asked questions

Will coaches have access to your club database?

Yes – with sports membership software such as Sport:80, sports teams and club coaches will have access to their own login and will be able to manage their own data.

Who should consider online membership database management software?

Online membership database software can be beneficial for National Governing Bodies and sports organizations, as well as sports clubs and teams that manage a network of members. Sports management software such as Sport:80 has many uses for coaches, athletes, and even fans of sports teams.

How can sports management software help me retain members?

Sports management software can help you to improve member engagement, communication and even provides training for coaches. Members will, therefore, likely feel more engaged and active in your organization, as it is easier to participate and stay up to date with information.

Are membership database systems easy to use?

Sport membership database systems are fairly straightforward to use, and you can even book a demo before investing in some management companies for a trial of how they work.

What are the benefits of using software for managing memberships?

Managing memberships through an online management system allows you to access membership data in one place, and this can be accessed through any device. It also allows members to update their own information and ensures data is stored in a safe and secure place. There are also many more benefits of investing in sport management software, which you can find here.

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