Investing in sports management software can provide sports clubs with a safe, secure way of managing data and membership profiles, as well as helping to improve communication and engagement within a club.

From collecting and storing membership data to registering for events and communicating with members – sports club management can be a timely and often costly responsibility. Online sports management software can centralize core functions, taking time off your hands without compromising member engagement. 

When using sport membership software, sport club coaches, athletes, and even fans can log in to their own account. For sport clubs, investing in this software is a great way of keeping an eye on members’ progress, financial progress of a club, event registration, growing revenue, and more.

Here, we explain more about why online sports management software can benefit sports clubs.

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What is the importance of club member engagement?

Retaining sport club members is just as important as attracting new ones. Sport club members generally seek a strong sense of community spirit and belonging. Feeling part of a community, both physically and digitally can go a long way to increasing motivation and retaining members. Providing members with a dedicated online space where they can manage their own data, club affiliation, and register for activities is vital to the success of a modern-day sport club.

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How can sports management software such as the Sport:80 Platform benefit sports clubs?

Sport club athletes can track their progress

An individual's affiliation of their clubs, leagues, regions and/or counties can be effectively managed within the Sport:80 Platform. This enables members to train, compete and coach effectively as they have a clear view of their progress and records. When using the Sport:80 Platform through their National Governing Body, sports club members are also able to update qualifications, enter competitions, and track results through our intuitive members' portal.

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Improve user engagement and satisfaction

When you use cutting-edge tech platforms such as the Sport:80 Platform, you can expect richer engagement because members can manage their affiliation at their convenience. You can also access a range of marketing and communication features to ensure engagement is consistent. Sport:80 CEO Gary Hargraves states, “We know that keeping members engaged improves retention rates, enhances efficiency and increases member satisfaction”.

Sports clubs can manage and communicate easily with athle. Some sports management software also offers a check-in feature, which allows clubs to track attendance across their facilities. Saving time whilst increasing member engagement is a huge benefit!

Centralizing core functions can free up your time and resources

Using sport management software allows you to centralize core functions, freeing up your sports club’s time and resources. From CRM, memberships and event registration to finance management, compliance and automated email communications, the Sport:80 Platform offers incredible functionality for all back-office tasks.

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Online payments are made easier

Using sport management platforms allows you to collect membership and event registrations fees with ease.

As a sports club, you will also no longer need to worry that members may miss a renewal. Auto-renewal payments reduce membership churn, and automated renewal reminder emails can save staff time in chasing lapsed memberships for those who chose to manually renew.

In the context of events, features such as the flexibility to charge early bird, standard and late rates incentivise sport club members to register sooner, allowing you greater control over event management and planning.

Improve security and safety of member data collection within the club

Keeping membership data safe is a key concern when it comes to sport club management. Sport management software, such as the Sport:80 Platform, offers integrations with SafeSport and background screening providers to ensure sports club members are compliant with National Governing Body rules and regulations. You can find out more about our data collection feature here.

Easily collect data for competitions, sessions, classes and more

Through easy-to-use technology such as the Sport:80 Platform, the club network of a National Governing Body has access to a suite of digital tools, a result of which is bookable opportunity data for competitions, sessions, classes, courts, and more. Having all of this data in one place creates a convenient and efficient way of increasing participation levels at your club.

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Provide members with access to coaching courses and certifications

Many sports management companies allow for sports club members to record and review their certifications, take coaching and officiating courses, and administer and manage a variety of qualifications, licenses, and awards. This is a great way for members to expand their skills and develop a digital sport portfolio including their certifications to inspire trust and confidence.

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Why invest in Sport:80?

The team at Sport:80 is driven to help sports organizations make the most out of technology. We work with a wide variety of sports organizations and National Governing Bodies of Sport, as a result our solutions filter down to sports clubs. We work with our clients to provide support to sports clubs including resources which encourage the use of our innovative solutions. This includes a wealth of information available through our online knowledge base including FAQs and helpful articles.

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