As a National Governing Body of Sport (NGB) or sports organization, there are many responsibilities that come with managing and supporting a network of members. While achieving good results is important, it is also vital to keep members engaged and up to date with changes across their sports clubs and teams.

Read on to find out about the purpose of sports management companies and what they can typically offer in order to help you save both time and money. We also discuss what is unique about Sport:80’s services.

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What is a sports management company?

Being operationally efficient, commercially astute, and having the means to create valuable engagement with members are some of the key factors that make an NGB successful. Sports management software companies can help with many aspects to ensure these factors are delivered, starting with an effective way of aggregating and understanding data. This can include customer-facing aspects such as membership management, event registration, certifications, online payment processing, and more. Centralizing numerous areas of your organization into a single solution that can be accessed from any device is a convenient way to save time and resource. Your team will ultimately have more time to focus on areas that drive value throughout your sport, rather than repetitive administration tasks.

Another purpose of sports management systems such as The Sport:80 Platform is to improve member and fan engagement. This can be delivered through a wide variety of self-service functions made available through a dedicated online portal. Coaches, fans and athletes have the ability to track their individual progress, encouraging increased engagement and motivation within their sport. Members can also register for events and manage certifications. Additionally, features such as automated emails and integrated email marketing tools present the opportunity to regularly engage with members at pivotal points of their customer journey. This allows members to stay up-to-date with news and information about sporting events.

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What services do sports management companies offer?

Sport management companies such as Sport:80 offer useful features that range from membership management, certification management and event registration to sports marketing and communication. It also allows for specific individuals such as athletes, coaches, and fans to manage their own profiles.

At Sport:80, we provide functionality to support the following areas:

  • Membership registration
  • Event sanctioning/licensing
  • Event registration
  • Certifications management
  • CRM & contact management
  • Data management & reporting
  • Governance & compliance
  • Marketing & communications
  • Payments & finance
  • Member support
  • Donations
  • Technology support and audits.

While many companies offer ‘out of the box’ functionality in these areas, software such as the Sport:80 Platform offers an innovative approach which increases the value of these functions to the sports organizations that adopt it.

Each Sport:80 function or ‘module’ can be configured to align with an NGB or sports organization’s way of working. This includes configuring functionality to complement the idiosyncrasies of a particular sport, as well as an organization’s internal processes and desired outputs. They can be configured to utilise specific language, so the solution feels familiar to its audience. Logic, dependencies, and automation can also be built into each module, resulting in streamlined processes. Furthermore, it presents the ability to integrate other third-party products used via Single Sign-On (SSO) and Application Programme Interfaces (APIs).

Finally, Sport:80 offers a ‘Managed’ service, meaning that its Customer Success Team provides on-going support to enable your team to make the most out of the technology. This includes a main point of contact throughout the duration of your time using the technology, access to a knowledge base with thousands of articles, 1-to-1’s, workshops, and webinars, as well as regular health checks and reviews. Sport:80’s Customer Success Team effectively becomes an extension of your own.

Which organizations can benefit from sport management companies?

This varies depending on the type of sport management company. Sport:80 is primarily designed for International Federations, National Governing Bodies and other sports organizations that support a network of members. We have lots of experience in working with national governing bodies of Olympic and Paralympic national networks of sports. However, we provide value to every tier of sport, and our sports management software can also be beneficial to regional bodies, sports clubs, and event organizers. Individual members, athletes and coaches can enjoy having straight-forward access to their membership profile.

How do you find the best sport management company?

A key factor to consider when finding a sports management software company is whether the company are going to factor your evolving your requirements within their developmental roadmap. Are the company committed to providing you with a tailored approach that will best suited for your organization?

Data ownership is another key topic that a reliable sports management software company should provide transparency over, and you should ensure you retain control in this area. Consider whether the sports management software company allows you to freely extract, understand and utilize your data. At Sport:80, we take the security of data and compliance with regulations incredibly seriously and as a result, our technology includes a host of comprehensive data protection, access and management features.

Consider whether you can book a demonstration with the company to find out whether it offers the features you are looking for. This will also be a good opportunity to test their knowledge of the sector and what they believe is important in the sporting landscape. Ensure you ask the company important questions, such as how they plan on getting you up and running, and how long it is likely to take.

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What makes Sport:80 unique?

Combining powerful CRM and sports business management functionality with a dedicated online member portal, the Sport:80 Platform is everything your sports organization needs. When you use the Sport:80 Platform you can expect increased operational efficiency and revenue generation, richer member engagement, and rock-solid compliance.

Enjoy access to a highly skilled and dedicated team of people who want to see you succeed. When you choose the Sport:80 Platform, you can utilise a customer support dashboard to access insightful analytics which can be used to measure customer support and satisfaction. You will get access to a Customer Success Team who are on hand to provide technical support and answer your questions or queries. You will also be assigned an MPC (main point of contact) at Sport:80 who you can reach out to discuss changes to your platform and plan and deliver future phases of functionality. We ensure every client is provided with a tailored solution that is ideal for their organization.

Our clients include organizations such as USA Track & Field, USA Archery, SnowSport England and British Ice Skating, as well as a wide range of other organizations and National Governing Bodies. With the Sport:80 Platform, you can build connections throughout your membership and unlock the power of our cloud-based platform, perfectly matched to the needs of today's online sporting community.

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