There are many responsibilities that come with managing and supporting a network of members. In addition to ensuring athletes are engaged in their sport and are provided with opportunities to progress and improve, it is also vital to ensure coaches are provided with opportunities to train and gain certifications. It is important for coaches to have efficient access to important athlete data in order to gain a good understanding of athlete habits and progress. High-quality sports management software offers a range of benefits and can ultimately enhance a coach’s experience through innovative technology.

Read on to find out more about how sport management software can benefit coaches and why you may want to invest in sports management software for your organization or NGB.

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How can sports management software benefit coaches?

Training and development benefits

It is important that coaches get the opportunity to progress and obtain relevant qualifications. Some sports management software allows coaches to easily sign up for training opportunities, gain certifications, and access useful courses. Software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows coaches to register for coaching courses and access useful learning materials. They can also sanction coaching courses through their NGB if they deliver education opportunities.

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Coaches can gain a better understanding of athlete progress and participation

Sport management software can allow coaches to have a greater understanding of athletes. For example, Sport:80 allows coaches to easily see the progress of their athletes to better identify pathways for progression. Coaches can also have visibility into member participation and engagement. This allows coaches to have a clear view of the training they need to provide athletes, and they can further monitor athlete progression.

Coaches have their own login to the system and can easily access their personal information

A key benefit of sport management software is that it allows athletes and coaches to access all of their data from one place and utilize a suite of self-service functions. An online membership database, such as the Sport:80 Platform, provides each coach with their own login to the system, allowing them to access their own progress and personal information. This provides coaches with complete autonomy over their personal information and allows them to update it from any location.

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Coaches can easily manage their credentials to remain compliant

It is important for coaches to be compliant with an NGB’s rules and regulations. Sports management software can help coaches to manage requirements such as qualifications and safeguarding training. Sport management software also allows coaches to effectively manage other credentials in the Platform, including their coach licence, DBS checks, first aid, and any other relevant qualifications. This provides both protection to athletes and reassurance to NGB’s that coaches are taking the necessary steps within their role.

Having access to all of these in a centralized location can significantly save time for coaches and allow an easy way for coaches to check whether they need to update their information or documents. This feature can also reassure coaches that they are up to date with the relevant documents and qualifications they need. Find out more about what Sport:80 can offer here.

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Some software provides opportunities for coaches to market their services

Software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows coaches to build up a CV within our Platform, which can then be shared on their NGBs website. People can then easily get in touch and enquire about their services. Coaches can be fully reassured that all their information is compliant and has all the relevant credentials in place.

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What makes Sport:80 unique?

Combining powerful CRM and sports business management functionality with a dedicated online member portal, the Sport:80 Platform is everything your sports organization needs. When you use the Sport:80 Platform, you can expect increased operational efficiency and revenue generation, richer member engagement, and rock-solid compliance. Enjoy access to a highly skilled and dedicated team of people who want to see you succeed. When you choose the Sport:80 Platform, you can utilize a customer support dashboard to access insightful analytics which can be used to measure customer support and satisfaction.

You will get access to a Customer Success Team who are on hand to provide technical support and answer your questions or queries. You will also be assigned an MPC (main point of contact) at Sport:80 who you can reach out to discuss changes to your Platform and plan and deliver future phases of functionality. We ensure every client is provided with a tailored solution that is ideal for their organization. Our clients include sports organizations such as USA Track & Field, USA Archery, SnowSport England, and British Ice Skating, as well as a wide range of other organizations and National Governing Bodies. With the Sport:80 Platform, you can build connections throughout your membership and unlock the power of our cloud-based platform, perfectly matched to the needs of today's online sporting community.

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Frequently asked questions

Can sports management systems help you with coaching qualifications?

Software such as the Sport:80 Platform can help you to ensure you have all of the relevant qualifications and credentials required, and provides opportunities to take useful courses.

What is an athlete management system?

Sports management software often provides tools that allows you to track athlete progress and results, allowing you to get a better understanding of your team and your members. Member databases also allow athletes to update and change important information themselves.

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