The sports industry is extremely competitive, so it is vital to ensure your organization is strategically and operationally effective. Online sports management software streamlines processes and creates a more efficient way to access and analyze important sports data. Features such as membership renewals, event registration, certification management, online payment processing, and more, are also often included in sports management software.

By allowing athletes, coaches and fans to have their own log-ins and easily register for events, online sports software saves your organization or NGB both money and time while improving the way you manage a considerable network of participants.

Find out more about the benefits of cloud-based sports management software, and the different tools often included.

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Why is cloud-based sports software convenient?

It provides a centralized place to update important member information

Centralizing numerous areas of your organization into a single solution that can be accessed from any device is a convenient way to save time and resources. This efficiency can be enjoyed by athletes, coaches, and even fans of sports teams, allowing all members to update their information from any location or device. Your team will ultimately have more time to focus on areas that drive value throughout your sport rather than repetitive administration tasks.

Stringent security features and compliance measures allow you to rest assured that your data is secure

Sports management software platforms such as the Sport:80 Platform allow you to access a host of tools that make managing data security and compliance reporting efficient and straightforward.

With secure online sport management software that provides high standards of data security, the risk of a data breach or other potential security issues are much lower. Investing in sport management software that can manage this for you allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Software such as the Sport:80 Platform has state-of-the-art authentication and encryption for access, so you can promote high standards of security throughout your organization and its extended network.

If password security is a worry – a good sports management software company will enable you to enforce strict password creation standards to promote strong security standards. Platforms such as the Sport:80 Platform also ask members for regular password resets.

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Members have their own access to important data and can easily track their progress

A key benefit of cloud-based sports software is that members can easily see their own personal progress, increasing member engagement. Members also have quick access to event results and participation and have the ability access this from any device or location.

Ability to easily see year-on-year growth and member progress

Sport management software such as Sport:80 will allow sports clubs, sports team members, and NGBs to see important sports performance data and financial data, such as year-on-year growth. This saves you the time of calculating your growth manually or downloading numerous potentially pricey analysis tools to view financial growth.

Some types of software, such as the Sport:80 Platform, also offer the ability to understand member progress with greater accuracy through data reporting and visualization. This feature provides useful insight into member habits and allows you to get a further understanding of who your members are.

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Marketing and communication features can improve member engagement

In order to increase member engagement and improve communication - automatic alerts, emails, and newsletters can be beneficial for all members and even supporters. Members’ experiences are able to be personalized through a range of innovative email marketing tools and communication features.

Excellent customer service features and support

Software such as the Sport:80 Platform not only provides an efficient and convenient way of analyzing data and streamlining processes – it also offers excellent customer service features to ensure members receive efficient support.

At Sport:80, we not only offer a safe and secure online solution for sports data management; we also provide support from day one and offer an excellent customer service team. When you work with Sport:80, you will be assigned a main point of contact who will proactively work with you to discuss changes to your Platform and plan future phases of functionality.

Companies such as Sport:80 also offer audits, health checks and any technical advice you need.

Manage payment more efficiently

Online sports management software allows you to take online payments in multiple ways with integrations from our tried and trusted partners. With the Sport:80 Platform, members can make one-off payments or sign up for auto-renewals to ensure continuity in membership. This feature means you don’t need to worry about team members not renewing or making payments on time, freeing up your time.

Why choose the Sport:80 Platform?

At Sport:80, we offer much more than simply membership management and tools for automating mundane tasks. In addition to delivering a secure, online solution for membership management, we also provide support from day one and offer an excellent customer service.

Additionally, we also deliver regular health checks, webinars, and workshops, as well as annual reviews. You will also be able to access an expert knowledge base of FAQs, helpful articles and tutorial videos.

You can find out more about our range of features and technology support.

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