Sport management software increases motivation and encourages participation, helping sports organizations and NGBs to achieve membership retention and growth.

Find out more about the key benefits of sport management software, and how it can help your NGB and organization. We also discuss how sport management software can benefit athletes, coaches and fans.

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Why is it important to increase member engagement in a sport?

In any sport organization, member retention is just as important as attracting new members. Although it is vital to consider how you can achieve membership growth, it is also important to retain valued members and encourage their progression and participation in a sport. Ensuring your athletes are fully invested in their sport through adequate communication and efficient support can help to improve their experience. Member engagement is vital, as it has a direct and significant link to overall results and success. For example – if an athlete is invested and engaged in their sport, they are much more likely to participate in events and put more effort into training and improvement.

Find out more about how the Sport:80 Platform can help to increase athlete engagement here.

How can sport management software centralize aspects of your organization?

The sports industry is increasingly competitive, so it is important to ensure your organization is strategically and operationally effective. Centralizing numerous areas of your organization into a single solution that can be accessed from any device is a convenient way to save time and resources. Online sports management software streamlines processes and creates a more efficient way to access and analyze important sports data. Features such as membership renewals, event registration, certification management, online payment processing, and more, can all be streamlined in sports management software.

The efficiency of sport management software can be enjoyed by athletes, coaches, and even fans of sports teams. Your team will ultimately have more time to focus on areas that drive value throughout your sport rather than wasting time on repetitive administration tasks.

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Why invest in sport management software?

Sport management software increases member engagement and can create a convenient and efficient way for storing, updating analyzing important data. It is a great way to ensure you aren’t wasting time on complex admin jobs, while assisting with membership growth and renewal. Some of the key benefits include:

Save both time and money by providing members with online services

By allowing athletes, coaches and fans to access a space where they can manage their affiliation and easily register for events, online sports software saves your organization or NGB both money and time while improving the way you manage a considerable network of participants.

Increase member retainment through automated payments

Online sports management software allows you to take online payments in multiple ways. With the Sport:80 Platform, members can make one-off payments or sign up for auto-renewals to ensure continuity in membership. This feature means you don’t need to worry about team members not renewing or making payments on time, freeing up your time.

Excellent data security and compliance

Sports management software such as the Sport:80 Platform also allows you to access a host of tools that make managing data security and compliance reporting efficient and straightforward.

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Enjoy excellent customer service to improve member experience

Software such as the Sport:80 Platform not only provides an efficient and convenient way of analyzing data and streamlining processes – it also offers excellent customer service features to ensure members receive efficient support.

Coaches can benefit from useful training opportunities

Some sports management software companies allow coaches to easily sign up for training opportunities, gain certifications, and access useful resources. Software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows coaches to register for coaching courses and access learning materials. They can also sanction coaching courses through their NGB if they deliver education opportunities.

Find out more about the benefits of sport management software for coaches here.

Members can enjoy a hassle-free way to update information easily

Not only can sports software solutions help you manage the back-office functions of your business, but they can also provide a more positive experience for your members in terms of efficient administration and the ability to update data easily. A key benefit of sport management software is that it allows members, including athletes, coaches, and fans, to access all of their data from one place and utilize a suite of self-service functions. An online membership database, such as the Sport:80 Platform, provides each member with their own login to the system, allowing them to access their own progress and personal information.

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How can the Sport:80 Platform save you time and improve member engagement?

Through the Sport:80 Platform’s email marketing tools, your organization can select and send automated email campaigns from a variety of templates, including renewal reminders for any items due to expire. This significantly reduces your workload as an organisation, allowing you to focus your time more effectively in other areas, such as preparing for major events.

The popular template-driven approach allows you to easily drag and drop content blocks and other email elements. Through our email marketing tools, you can provide your members with a personalized experience, helping to improve member engagement and encourage participation.

We provide an easy and convenient way to view and analyze important member information, such as athlete progress and results. This allows you to gain a better understanding of your members and provide them with the training and opportunities they need. Find out more about the features offered by Sport:80 here.

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