We analyse the pivotal choice between traditional Business Intelligence and embedded analytics, and the specific considerations for NGBs.

For National Governing Bodies (NGBs), making the choice between implementing a traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solution or an embedded analytics platform can have a significant impact on the way the organisation is able to utilise data. NGBs are tasked with managing and leveraging a variety of data sources, and consequently, this leads to many having to make the difficult choice between traditional BI and embedded analytics.

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Before delving into the specific advantages of each, it is imperative to establish a baseline understanding of the differences between traditional BI and embedded analytics. Traditional BI solutions, such as Microsoft PowerBI, often operate as standalone platforms which users access and interact with separately from other applications or systems. In contrast, embedded analytics platforms, such as Panintelligence’s no/low-code solution, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, supporting a more organic and efficient utilisation of data for users.

In this article, we explore some of the key differences between traditional BI solutions and embedded analytics, and why the latter is often better suited to tackling the specific challenges faced by NGBs.

Higher Level of Integration

One of the primary advantages of embedded analytics for NGBs is the higher level of integration available compared to traditional BI solutions. With embedded analytics, data insights seamlessly become part of the fabric of day-to-day operations. Unlike traditional BI platforms, which might require users to navigate between different interfaces, embedded analytics presents data directly within the familiar environment of existing applications used by NGBs. This integration not only streamlines user workflows but also facilitates a more intuitive and immediate engagement with data, empowering NGBs to make timely and informed decisions.


In the realm of data analytics, personalisation is a key differentiator between traditional BI and embedded analytics, especially for NGBs with specific and nuanced requirements. Traditional BI solutions often provide standardised reports and dashboards that might not align perfectly with the unique needs of NGBs. Embedded analytics, however, allows for a high degree of personalisation. NGBs can tailor data views, reports, and dashboards to align precisely with their specific strategic objectives, enabling a more targeted and effective use of data for activities like member engagement, event planning, and governance.

Enhanced Security Measures

Security is a paramount concern for NGBs, given the sensitivity of the data they handle, such as highly personal member information and financial insights. Embedded analytics, with its integration within existing applications, provides a unique security advantage over traditional BI solutions. By aligning with the security protocols and access controls already established in NGBs' systems, embedded analytics ensures that data remains protected. This alignment with existing security measures not only strengthens data governance but also simplifies the implementation of security policies, offering NGBs greater confidence in managing and sharing their data securely.


Ensuring accessibility is another critical aspect for NGBs, particularly as they often grapple with the challenge of having a lack of specific data expertise within their organisation. This means it is crucial for NGBs to adopt tools that facilitate data utilisation for their team. Traditional BI solutions often require NGBs to have extensive in-house expertise in data analysis, software development, and database management, whereas embedded analytics platforms bridge this knowledge gap more effectively.

The user-friendly nature of embedded analytics is specifically designed to empower existing staff within NGBs, enabling them to focus on data analysis and interpretation rather than navigating complex system development processes. This approach not only reduces the learning curve for staff but also mitigates the need for NGBs to assemble specialised teams for implementing data-based processes.

Moreover, the inherent user-friendliness of embedded analytics eliminates the hidden costs often associated with traditional BI solutions, making BI more financially accessible for NGBs, and removing barriers to entry.

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Unified Brand Experience

Unlike traditional BI platforms, embedded analytics can be uniquely designed through white labelling to align with an NGB’s existing brand and identity, ensuring the solution resonates with the organisation's core identity and becomes an integral part of its operations and strategic initiatives. By fostering a unified brand experience, NGBs can align their solution with the overarching vision and values of the organisation. This strategic approach not only enhances brand recognition but also contributes to a more seamless and purposeful utilisation of embedded analytics, driving the NGB's mission forward.

Unleashing Strategic Insights with Sport:80’s Data Visualisation Dashboards

Our data visualisation dashboards solution, developed alongside Panintelligence, demonstrates what an NGB can achieve with a powerful embedded analytics solution. Our dashboards seamlessly integrate with the Sport:80 Platform, providing NGBs with real-time, actionable insights without the need for an independent data analytics interface.

The solution seamlessly aligns with the workflows of our clients, offering personalised interactions, robust security, enhanced accessibility, and a unified brand experience. As NGBs navigate the complexities of data-driven decision-making, the dashboards represent a highly valuable strategic asset, empowering them to unlock the full potential of their data, and driving success.

Overall, the trend from traditional BI to embedded analytics holds particular relevance for NGBs who, now more than ever, require a comprehensive and integrated approach to data management.

The higher level of integration, personalisation, security, accessibility, and branding capabilities make embedded analytics an instrumental choice for NGBs. By providing a transformative data experience that aligns seamlessly with their unique operational needs, embedded analytics solutions can revolutionise their strategic thinking in the long term.

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