Find out how we are supporting our clients to break down data barriers and harness the full potential of their data, with our transformative data visualisation dashboards solution.

National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) often find themselves grappling with a monumental challenge - managing their data. This is a task which is becoming increasingly intricate for a number of reasons.

Firstly, an NGB’s data is often scattered across multiple sources, and key information such as membership data, competition results, and financial records, can be incredibly disconnected. As a result, the consolidation of this information can be an extremely resource-heavy and time-consuming process.

Additionally, NGBs often grapple with the challenge of hiring data expertise within their organisations. This only exacerbates the complexity of data management, and consequently, the value of their data can remain untapped.

NGBs are also faced with the overwhelming task of dealing with fragmented data, which requires significant effort to compile into a coherent, comprehensive, and most importantly, useable, format.

There are a number of significant challenges which serve as major barriers to NGBs trying to realise their true potential via the power of data. This includes managing data handling, finding users with the necessary skills, dealing with legacy systems, identifying anomalies, and having limited access to multi-level information.

To support our clients in dealing with these issues, at Sport:80 we have made it a priority to support NGBs to embrace the data revolution, and ensure we fully understand the challenges which NGBs are facing. As a result, we developed a data visualisation dashboards solution alongside our partners, data experts, Panintelligence. The solution is designed to empower NGBs to efficiently and confidently overcome their data-related hurdles.

Our data dashboards solution allows for dashboard views to be configured rapidly, removing the need for NGBs to make a significant investment in in-house expertise. We have placed a strong emphasis on self-service capabilities, ensuring that even users without deep technical knowledge can harness the power of data. This simple translation of complex data allows NGBs to champion data-driven decision-making and effectively shape future strategies.

One of the key strengths of our solution is the ability to provide insights using real-time information. By doing so, it facilitates the efficient identification of visual trends and patterns within the data, giving NGBs the tools they need to make informed decisions and strategic choices. The capacity to drill down into the data is another crucial benefit, allowing users to access detailed information for in-depth analysis and reporting.

By simplifying data aggregation and streamlining data analysis, we empower NGBs to derive valuable insights effortlessly. Our goal is not merely to make data more manageable; we're determined to make it a powerful tool that drives NGBs forward. With our data dashboards solution, NGBs can embrace data-driven decision-making, fostering a culture of evidence-based strategy.

In the constantly evolving and increasingly digital world of sports, the value of data is immeasurable for NGBs. It holds the key to understanding member engagement, identifying areas for growth, and making strategic decisions that can shape the future. Recognising this, we have set out to ensure that data is not a barrier to success for the organisations we work with. Our solution is designed to enable NGBs to unlock the full potential of data and leverage it to revolutionise the way they operate.

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