In this ultimate guide to membership management for National Governing Bodies (NGBs), we explore the intricacies of managing your organisation's members effectively.

This comprehensive article will analyse the importance of effective member management for NGBs, the key steps involved, and strategies to enhance member engagement.

The Sport:80 Platform plays a key role in streamlining the operations of over 70 NGBs, enhancing member experiences, and ultimately, strengthening these organisations.

What is membership management?

Membership management systems allow organisations to oversee and facilitate the engagement of existing and prospective members within their communities. Membership management isn't a uniform solution; rather, systems should be tailored according to the specific needs of each organisation and the factors shaping their operations. 

For NGBs, it goes beyond administrative tasks and means creating seamless experiences for both the NGB and their members.

Why is membership management important for NGBs?

Efficient membership management is crucial for NGBs in fostering a thriving sports community. It plays a pivotal role in member renewal, retention, and growth.

By investing in a robust management system, NGBs can support, develop, and grow, ensuring that their community receives exceptional experiences tailored to their unique needs.

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What are the key steps in effective membership management?

Member acquisition

Member acquisition for NGBs often involves strategic outreach programmes, collaboration with regional organisations, and initiatives to attract participants at all levels and encourage them to become part of their broader community. It's about expanding the reach and influence of the NGB.

NGBs can deliver these outreach programmes in several ways. Whether it be through events, marketing campaigns, or referral schemes, the possibilities are endless.

Recently, USA Archery even leveraged the power of arcade-style mobile games to power their member acquisition efforts.

Member retention

Member retention requires comprehensive strategies, including events, exclusive member benefits, and clear communication channels. Ensuring a sense of belonging at the national level contributes to the overall success of the NGB.


Transparent policies are the backbone of successful membership management for NGBs. Clear and well-defined guidelines and rules support comprehensive governance, providing a framework for consistent engagement and a positive and inclusive sporting environment.

Plans and subscriptions

Offering flexible membership plans ensures inclusivity and supports enhanced member satisfaction. NGBs must ensure that they cater for their entire community, from elite national-level athletes to grassroots volunteers, and by providing a diverse range of membership options, they can cater to the varied needs of their community.

Platforms and personalisation

It is vital for NGBs to implement a comprehensive membership management platform that stimulates effective member communication and enables the personalisation of member experience on a national scale.

The Sport:80 Platform is an example of a membership management solution specifically designed for NGBs, and provides all the necessary tools to facilitate these personalised interactions.


By providing the option for members to set up auto-renewing memberships, NGBs can secure consistent annual revenue streams, making financial consolidation and reporting a breeze, and open the door for more straightforward strategic planning. 

Additionally, it makes life significantly simpler for members, who can almost ‘set and forget’ their memberships, and just focus on enjoying their chosen sport.

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Understanding the member journey

The key to understanding the member journey is recognising that each participant's pathway is uniquely shaped by different goals, backgrounds, and levels of involvement.

For some, the journey may start with grassroots participation at local clubs, gradually evolving into regional competitions and, for a select few, culminating in national-level representation. Others may enter the fray at different stages, driven by a passion for sports, a desire for personal development, or the thrill of competition.

Understanding this diverse landscape enables NGBs to tailor their offerings, programmes, and initiatives to meet the evolving needs and aspirations of participants at every stage of their journey. 

Whether it's providing accessible pathways for grassroots involvement, offering high-performance programmes for elite athletes, or fostering a sense of community through national-level events, NGBs play a pivotal role in shaping and enriching the member journey.

By embracing the nuances of each participant's journey, NGBs can create meaningful connections, foster a sense of belonging, and inspire continued engagement within the broader sports community.

The importance of member experience

Member experience encompasses every touchpoint, interaction, and engagement that participants have with their NGB. From the initial point of contact to ongoing involvement in programmes and events, each interaction influences the decisions of a sports organisation’s members.

For NGBs, prioritising member experience entails more than just providing quality services and offerings - it necessitates a deep understanding of participant requirements and preferences. By fostering a culture of inclusivity, accessibility, and excellence, NGBs can create environments where participants feel valued, empowered, and inspired.

Moreover, a positive member experience serves as a catalyst for growth, driving participant retention and loyalty. By consistently exceeding expectations, delivering personalised experiences, and fostering meaningful connections, NGBs can elevate their impact, influence, and relevance.

How NGBs can improve membership management

Communicate effectively

Effective communication at the national level is paramount. By utilising various channels such as newsletters, social media, and personalised emails, NGBs can keep members informed about events, updates, opportunities, and other initiatives.

Understand the metrics

By consistently analysing metrics and KPIs related to member engagement, event participation, and participant feedback, NGBs can more effectively identify strategic successes and areas requiring improvement, contributing to continuous growth.

Action feedback

Feedback, whether positive or constructive, is a valuable resource. NGBs must act on feedback promptly, addressing concerns and implementing suggestions. This not only strengthens the organisation’s relationship with its members but also demonstrates a commitment to improvement.

Streamline your systems

Automation is a powerful tool for effective membership management, streamlining processes such as renewals, payments, and subscriptions. This not only saves time for both NGBs and their members but also empowers participants to have greater control over their experiences and interactions.

Use membership management software

Investing in membership software designed specifically for NGBs, such as the Sport:80 Platform, can revolutionise the way your organisation operates. This software allows NGBs to better understand their members, adapt their approach, and streamline all aspects of membership management at all levels.

Streamline membership management with Sport:80

In conclusion, effective membership management is the key to a thriving sports organisation. By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide and leveraging the capabilities of the Sport:80 Platform, you can take your organisation to new heights.

For a first-hand experience, book your demo now, or speak to a member of the Sport:80 team to discover how we can help you level up your membership management efforts.