Sport:80’s event registration feature transforms sports management, offering seamless registration for a diverse range of events, driving revenue, and generating insights.

Events are the sporting lifeblood that keeps communities engaged, thriving, and growing, and so for National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs), providing efficient event registration is crucial.

To ensure that we support our clients in this vitally important area, our Platform includes all-encompassing event registration capabilities that simplify the process, enhance revenue opportunities, and provide invaluable data-driven insights.

Registration for all event types

The Sport:80 Platform’s event registration module allows participants to register for more than just competitions. The system's flexibility is a standout feature, functioning as a registration portal for competitions, camps, trips, courses, and even Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

The module caters to both individual and team registration, invite-only events, multi-phase entry, and has a host of other features designed to support sporting events across more than 70 NGBs, spanning over 50 different sports.

Additionally, through our partnership with e-learning specialists, etrainu, the system also offers a seamless way to link course registration to Learning Management Systems (LMS). Through a seamless integration, Sport:80 Platform users can directly register for courses and continued professional development (CPD) opportunities which are completed in etrainu’s system. Once completed within the LMS, the qualification is seamlessly added to the user’s profile in the Sport:80 Platform.

By managing registrations for different events in one central hub, you can ensure a smooth and engaging experience for participants, while promoting a strong sense of community within your sport.

Selling additional items on event entry

Another distinctive functionality of the event registration feature is the ability to advertise and sell additional items during the registration process, such as merchandise or supplementary services, all within the same streamlined process.

There is also the ability for NGBs to boost their fundraising efforts with a donation prompt at checkout, encouraging entrants to donate to specific causes or programmes. This also allows for GiftAid in the UK, and business-matching across all territories.

This increases convenience for participants and opens up new revenue streams for event organisers. The 'upselling' opportunity allows organisers to maximise their earnings while providing participants with a one-stop registration experience.

Events of all sizes

The Sport:80 Platform’s event registration functionality is specifically designed to accommodate events of all sizes, from local competitions organised by grassroots clubs to prestigious national championships.

This ensures that all events, regardless of their size or scope, can benefit from the Platform’s streamlined and accessible registration capabilities.

This is particularly valuable when the feature is used alongside its event sanctioning (licensing or permitting as some refer to it) capabilities. For example, clubs that want to organise local tournaments can easily get their events sanctioned and legitimised by their governing body, and subsequently collect registrations and fees via the Platform seamlessly.

Digital wallets and e-tickets

The Platform can also generate e-tickets for your events which participants receive via automated confirmation emails after registering.

These e-tickets can be easily added to a mobile wallet, and provide event participants with hassle-free access to their documents. The elimination of physical passes represents an eco-friendly and cost-saving method for ticket distribution.

Additionally, these e-tickets can include QR codes which can be scanned when participants arrive at the venue to check them in by event staff.

Data analysis and reporting

The Sport:80 Platform’s events functionality also offers robust data analysis and reporting tools which provide event organisers with invaluable insights into participant data, event success, and revenue generation.

NGBs can track registration numbers, participant demographics, and financial performance to optimise event delivery.

By empowering event organisers to identify trends, areas for improvement, and growth opportunities, informed decisions can be made, and effective event planning can become significantly easier.

The event registration functionality is a game-changer for the organisations we work with, whether they are managing local events or overseeing large-scale championships. Its adaptability, revenue-generating potential, scalability, convenience, and data-driven insights make it an invaluable tool for event organisers.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the event registration functionality can support your organisation, or if you have any other questions about how we can help you, get in touch.