"We've created a foundational integration so that we can essentially plug-and-play with any NGB".

Our COO, Jonny Turner, and Cameron O’Riordan, VP of Sales and Revenue at etrainu, recently sat down to delve into the detail of the strategic partnership between our two organisations, and lay out exactly how it is going to have such a phenomenal impact for our shared client base.

The partnership promises to make innovative online learning solutions more accessible and functional for the sports organisations that we work with, with the fundamental element being the development of an integration with the Sport:80 Platform, which will put training opportunities at the fingertips of our clients and their members.

In the recorded conversation, Jonny and Cameron discussed exactly why the partnership between the organisations has been formed, the value it can bring, and outlined the importance of an integrated approach for sports organisations looking to transform their digital capabilities.

They also further detailed the way the integration will work, and what benefits it will bring to the clients of both Sport:80 and etrainu.

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