Case Study: Panintelligence and Sport:80

Our partnership with Panintelligence was born out of the fact that we enable clients to aggregate a wealth of data, but wanted to take this to the next step by giving them a tool which helps them make sense of and leverage their data for strategic, operational and commercial gain.

Now, our clients can access our configurable, intuitive data visualisation dashboards solution, giving them analytical capabilities like they have never had before.

Maximising capabilities

Over 120,000 unique users interact with the Sport:80 Platform on a monthly basis, so across the 60+ organisations we work with, we aggregate a considerable amount of data as our clients' users manage their own sporting profiles (this provides information such as demographics, memberships, event participations, qualifications data, etc.).

We knew that there was a significant untapped opportunity for our clients to be able to use their membership data to stimulate the growth and progression of their respective sports.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to give our clients access to tools and solutions that can help them flourish”, said our COO, Jonny Turner.

“Providing data visualisation capabilities within our product suite was the most effective way to allow our partners to convert their massive amounts of membership data into highly valuable insights.

“We believed the most effective way for us to do this was for us to partner with a data visualisation specialist that could support our needs while delivering maximum value and flexibility to our clients.”

Step forward, Panintelligence

We knew a partnership would have to offer a solution that was specifically designed to enable data visualisation through cloud-based products, and after a thorough evaluation, we found Panintelligence were unrivalled in the market.

They are truly experts in their field, and have a wealth of experience in deploying solutions for cloud-based platforms. Their product suite contains a breadth of functionality that allows us to configure our solution to perform exactly as required.

Perhaps more importantly though, was how closely aligned their values and culture are to ours.

Their attentiveness has seen them work alongside our team to implement their solution within the Sport:80 Platform, and they continue to work with us so our developers can make the most of their feature set for the benefit of our clients.

Equally, their onboarding process and ongoing customer success support demonstrated their incredible attentiveness, which is something we value equally as highly.

Even better still, they’re northern!

Fast, accurate and easy to access insights

Through Panintelligence, we now offer a fully configurable data visualisation dashboards solution which plugs straight into our clients' databases.

The dashboards can present, compare and contrast information to whatever degree our clients require. They even have the ability to plug into third-party data sources (this could be e-commerce data, information from the Office of National Statistics, indices of deprivation, engagement with marketing channels, etc.).

The powerful solution is already supporting our clients to unlock the un-tapped potential in their databases. It empowers them to save time through automation, create consistencies through standardised reporting, and to plan ahead with ever-updating, accurate reports.

“Sport is incredibly data rich, and it is vital that governing bodies, national associations and sports teams have access to tools that help them make sense of, and leverage data”, said Zandra Moore, CEO at Panintelligence.

“We share Sport:80’s belief that the utilisation of data shouldn’t be restricted to just elite sport. National Governing Bodies and sports organisations of all shapes and sizes should be able to benefit from tools that help them better understand their sport.

“It’s incredibly exciting to work with Sport:80 to help arm their clients with levels of insight that they might not have been able to access previously.

“Through Sport:80’s offering, I have no doubts that their clients will be able to identify opportunities to stimulate growth across their organisation and respective sports.”

We are incredibly excited to offer out our dashboards solution, and support our clients to use the power of their membership data to stimulate the growth of their respective sports.

Learn more about our data dashboards here. Alternatively, for more information, please get in touch.