We are excited to announce the launch of our new data visualisation dashboards which will provide your organisation with enhanced analytical capabilities.

The dashboards are fully integrated within the Sport:80 ecosystem, working in a way that provides you with fast, accurate and easy to access insight.

NGBs are already taking advantage of this new offering and are benefitting from capabilities that are simply not available within the core Platform. 

USA Track and Field have already adopted the dashboards, and their Director of Technology, Scott Galbreth, has been extremely pleased with the results. He said:

“We are delighted with the data dashboards."

“We no longer have to create and manipulate spreadsheets AND have access to real-time data and analytic capability that we have had not had before."

We are working closely with all that have engaged so far to continue enhancing the offering, allowing you to unlock the un-tapped potential you all have within your databases.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Jonny Turner, described his excitement about what the dashboards can provide our clients: 

“I'm delighted that we have been able to launch the new data visualisation dashboards as part of our product suite. We are sure that they will provide another step change to the way our customers operate, offering real-time access to data and serving it up in a way that is easy to digest. 

“Our ultimate objective, as always, is to work closely with our clients to develop out the dashboards to support compliance, sustainability and growth across our community. The functionality we now have access to within the dashboard module will enable our clients to view, analyse and predict trends, which we believe will support this objective.”

Why invest in the Sport:80 dashboards?

Save Time

The dashboards can help you to avoid committing massive amounts of time to assembling this information manually. Rather than spending hours trawling through data to gain greater understanding of your consumers, it could be as easy as logging into your dashboard and having the information already in front of you. Quick, easy, live, and ready to go.

Create Consistency

By working from a standardised set of reports, graphs and charts you will always know you are comparing ‘apples with apples’. No longer be reliant on individuals compiling data from different reports. For example, have a set of year-on-year comparisons that you can access any time, anywhere – safe in the knowledge the data compared is always exactly the same, and accurate.

Plan Ahead

No matter who comes and goes within your organisation, the dashboards will remain in place and available. Constantly updating, in real-time. No more reliance on individuals knowing the data set, or how to build reports. You will be safe in the knowledge your data is being accurately reported.

Choose from one of two dashboard packages.

Executive Dashboard - With the Executive Dashboard you get access to a predefined number of views and charts that provide access to key data often required at executive level, including:

  • Revenue (YTD and YoY)
  • Membership (individuals, clubs and regions)
  • Coaching
  • Officials
  • Events
  • Compliance

Custom Dashboards - The custom package allows you to design your own suite of dashboards, unique to your organisation. This is priced on a case by case basis based on the amount of time required to build and maintain for your organisation.

If you’re already a Sport:80 client and you’d like to schedule a demonstration of the dashboards so you can see them first-hand, or discuss costs and the onboarding process, please contact us.

If you’re not currently one of our clients but are interested in the Sport:80 Platform or dashboard solutions, we’d love to work with you! Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.