By providing a host of tools, we help our clients manage governance and compliance processes with greater accuracy and efficiency.

In a recent article we explored the significance of good governance and compliance for National Governing Bodies, and how effective practices in those areas can form an important part of their sustainable development, and the success of the sports they govern.

For that reason, we have made it a priority to develop technology which allows the 70+ NGBs and sports organisations which we work with to effectively safeguard their communities, champion diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI), and implement crucial policies.

Protecting the welfare and safety of sporting communities is absolutely vital for NGBs, and by using the Sport:80 Platform, they are able to access a suite of tools which automate key processes and simplify the implementation of policies which safeguard against forms of abuse, discrimination, or misconduct.

In addition, we have developed multiple partnerships and integrations which facilitate seamless and efficient safeguarding procedures.

For example, in the United States, our community can utilise native integrations with the US Centre for SafeSport and NSCI, which allow their members to respectively complete necessary safeguarding training programmes and their background check.

We have also developed an integration with Globocol, a founding member of the Sports Technology Alliance alongside Sport:80 and 7 other innovative tech providers. This partnership includes an integration between our solutions, allowing for seamless sharing of information to support the management safeguarding cases carried out within the Globocol system. Having easy access to membership information ensures that the data being used is accurate, and eliminates errors when managing safeguarding cases and investigations.

Additionally, NGBs are able to develop and deliver comprehensive DEI strategies by capitalising on the power of our product suite. Not only does the Sport:80 Platform provide extensive reporting capabilities in relation to DEI, but by utilising our data visualisation solution, our community can transform the way they track and report on representation within their sports.

Being able to accurately track and report on this kind of information is an incredibly important but often resource-heavy job for NGBs. Our data visualisation solution, developed alongside PanIntelligence, provides our clients with unparalleled insights into representation, transforming the ways in which our they can report on key demographics. It is proven to save NGBs an incredible amount of time and resource and allows them to make more informed business decisions.

Good governance also involves the formulation and implementation of key strategic policies. To facilitate growth, development, and participation in sport, the Sport:80 Platform also provides tools for NGBs to effectively enforce their rules.

Our solution allows for the configuration of dependencies to ensure that members in position of responsibility are compliant with an NGBs rules and regulations. The Sport:80 Platform enforces rules surrounding the compliance of coaches, officials, instructors and other positions. It will ensure that these individuals have the correct credentials (qualifications, background check, safeguarding training etc.) completed and issued. Should any of their credentials expire, it will prompt the individual and place them into an ‘Action Required’ status until they come back into compliance.

It also allows for the recording of acceptance of key policies such as terms and conditions, privacy policies, confidentiality and responsible use policy. This way, organisations benefit from a solution which supports their legal compliance, mitigates risks such as data breaches, champions accountability, and presents the opportunity to communicate clearly.

Our Platform operates as a crucial tool for NGBs and sports organisations in their pursuit of good governance, compliance, and the overall well-being of their communities. By leveraging the Platform's suite of tools and integrations, NGBs can enforce their regulations, automate processes, simplify policy implementation, safeguard against abuse, discrimination, and misconduct, and access comprehensive diversity, equality, and inclusion insights.

Through its multifaceted functionalities, the Sport:80 Platform paves the way for the sustainable development and success of sports organisations and the communities they govern.

To learn more about what we do here at Sport:80, or to enquire about how we can help you, please get in touch.