We are delighted to announce our partnership with Globocol, who have designed a safeguarding case management solution specific to the sports industry.

A fellow co-founder of the Sports Technology Alliance, Globocol’s ‘sport integrity software’ is designed to help professionals and volunteers in all sports protect the interests of children and adults at risk. Their application not only supports with the management of safeguarding cases, but also with Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) provision, administering disciplinary processes, data governance, handling complaints, and more.

Their solution has been designed to create a record of all low-level concerns, manage more serious cases through to appeal, and mitigate reputation risk for organisations.

According to 2021 research at Edge Hill University, 65% of adults aged 18-30 reported experiencing psychological violence inside sport as children, and our COO, Jonny Turner, explained why this partnership can help sports organisations take actions against these figures:

“At Sport:80 we are driven to help sport adopt a more centralised, automated, and streamlined approach to safeguarding, and we believe the work Globocol are doing represents a significant step in the right direction. That’s why we are so passionate about working with them.

“Safeguarding is an area where NGBs always strive to be better and this partnership can support our customers to tackle safeguarding challenges in a much more effective way.

“Speed and efficiency is fundamental to addressing safeguarding and disciplinary concerns in sport and we truly believe that our partnership with Globocol can support the community of sports organisations we work with to achieve that.”

Through our partnership with Globocol we have developed an integration between our solutions to seamlessly share information to support the investigation of any safeguarding cases by our shared customer base.

Having easy access to membership information will ensure that the data being used to manage cases is accurate and will eliminate errors when managing safeguarding cases and investigations, which serves to make sport safer at all levels.

“It’s really exciting for us to begin working with Sport:80 to engage with an ever-growing community of NGBs and sports organisations with our integrity software solutions”, said Eddie Prentice, Co-Founder at Globocol.

“Our companies are clearly aligned in a desire to contribute positively to the changing landscape of safeguarding in sport, and a will to create a more positive environment for people at all levels in the industry. We believe that working together is an important stepping stone to achieving this goal.”

Find out more about Globocol, or get in touch to learn more about what we do at Sport:80 and how our Platform can help your organisation.