Discover the payment processing capabilities of the Sport:80 Platform, powered by Stripe, offering advanced financial management for National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and their networks.

The Sport:80 Platform boasts a range of flexible payment options, best-in-class security features, advanced functionalities, and efficient financial reporting, all powered by our integration with Stripe. The integration with Stripe’s globally recognised software means that the Platform’s payment processing isn't merely about transactions - it's about empowering NGBs and their communities to streamline processes, maximise revenue potential, and foster community engagement through seamless payment experiences.

In the below article, we delve deep into the key benefits of the Sport:80 Platform’s payment processing features, and how NGBs can leverage these capabilities to empower their members and drive growth.

Powered by Stripe

We explored the reasons why Stripe are recognised as a global leader in financial infrastructure for millions of businesses in a recent article. However, to summarise why our integration with their system is so special - it goes beyond simply transactional capabilities.

The integration with Stripe provides NGBs with the ability to facilitate payments throughout their entire network. The partnership enables seamless transactions which empower grassroots clubs, regional bodies, and individuals alike to process payments within a unified ecosystem. This supports participants at all levels to maximise revenue generation potential, streamline processes, and foster a robust ecosystem of community engagement and financial empowerment.

Security features

We are always keen to stress the importance of data and cyber security, and it is absolutely vital that we ensure our business and products adhere to the highest possible security standards. We take every possible measure to safeguard the information that is stored within our Platform, so ensuring the security of all payments made within the Sport:80 Platform is extremely important to us.

As a result, our Platform deploys stringent encryption protocols, safeguards sensitive member data and financial transactions against evolving cyber threats, and crucially, adheres to recognised industry standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

A recent article of ours covered the benefits of PCI DSS compliance in greater detail, but in summary, compliance requires organisations to meet a rigorous set of requirements, and for NGBs, providing payment processing that is PCI DSS compliant represents a commitment to safeguarding the integrity of every transaction.

Sport:80's robust security measures provide NGBs with peace of mind, ensuring that their financial ecosystem remains resilient and protected in the face of potential risks. By prioritising security, we empower NGBs to foster a culture of trust and reliability among their members and stakeholders.

Advanced functionalities and modern payment methods

The Sport:80 Platform also provides an array of advanced functionalities and modern payment methods which give NGBs and their members the ability to manage payments flexibly.

It is vital that sports organisations are able to provide their communities with the variety of payment options that are expected nowadays, including both credit and debit card transactions, direct debits, Google and Apple Pay, and digital wallets, and the Sport:80 Platform offers the diverse variety required to meet the evolving needs of members.

Additionally, thanks to the extraordinary functionality of the Stripe integration, advanced features such as auto-renewals and split payments are also available, to make life easier for members and optimise revenue generation opportunities for NGBs and their communities. Split payments are also made possible by ‘Stipe Connect’, a powerful functionality which allows for a network of connected accounts to be created. This empowers clubs and affiliated bodies to collect fees directly to their bank accounts, and sell their own memberships and event registrations through the Sport:80 Platform.

By embracing modern payment methods and innovative functionalities, Sport:80 empowers NGBs to deliver seamless payment experiences that resonate with their members and drive organisational growth.

Financial management and reporting

Effective financial reporting is another crucial task that can be incredibly admin-heavy, and this is an area where NGBs can gain significant efficiencies. Having the ability to quickly and efficiently produce detailed financial reports can be a game-changer for NGBs, leading to more effective strategic planning and decision-making.

The Sport:80 Platform makes navigating these financial management complexities effortless. With a comprehensive suite of admin tools, NGBs are able to more efficiently manage payments, assign statuses, and track financial transactions through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The Platform's built-in reporting capabilities enable NGBs to access tailored financial reports, providing invaluable insights for creating growth-focused strategies and allocating resources. By working with us, financial reconciliation becomes streamlined, freeing up resources to focus on core organisational objectives and member engagement initiatives.

By simplifying financial processes and enhancing reporting capabilities, the Sport:80 Platform empowers NGBs to achieve greater transparency, accountability, and operational efficiency in their financial operations.

In essence, the Sport:80 Platform provides payment functionalities that can become an incredibly beneficial strategic asset for NGBs, thanks to the integration with Stripe. By providing robust security measures, advanced functionalities, and streamlined financial management, the Platform empowers organisations to navigate administrative complexities, drive growth, and enhance member experiences seamlessly.

If your organisation is looking for a finance admin tool to support your journey, get in touch to find out how we can help you.