We analyse the impact of the Sport:80 Platform’s integration with Stripe, a global leader in financial infrastructure for millions of businesses, providing comprehensive security features and innovative functionalities.

In a recent article, we explored why comprehensive financial management solutions are becoming increasingly valuable for NGBs, and how selecting the right technology can be a critical decision for any organisation.

Getting that decision right is crucial for NGBs, who must ensure to make the right choice based on their needs. There are many payment providers to choose from and there’s a misconception that they are all the same, but this isn’t the case.

However, making this important decision is something our 70+ clients don’t need to worry about. Our flagship product, the Sport:80 Platform, delivers efficient and secure payment processing capabilities thanks to our powerful integration with Stripe.

In the below article, we explore the key benefits and functionalities delivered by Stripe, and analyse the financial management functionalities available within our Platform through this market-leading integration.

Stripe: A trusted leader in payment processing

Firstly, Stripe stands tall as a market-leader, recognised not only for the functionalities their software provides, but also as a trusted payment provider to global enterprises including Amazon, Google, WhatsApp, and Shopify.

Stripe’s reputation speaks volumes about the software’s reliability and capability to cater to the intricate needs of large-scale operations.

Perhaps more importantly, though, the functionality offered by Stripe is unmatched. With an extensive array of configurable payment options, their software empowers organisations such as NGBs to fine-tune their approach to payment processing.

This functionality extends to automated features such as recurring auto-renewal payments, one-click payments through their 'Link' functionality, and automated card updates upon expiry.

Additionally, Stripe prioritises security, ensuring compliance with leading payment standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Enhanced fraud prevention through Stripe Radar and 3D Secure further fortifies the software’s security features.

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Prioritising efficiency: Sport:80's Stripe integration

The integration between Stripe and the Sport:80 Platform goes beyond simply transactional capabilities - it acts as a catalyst for NGBs to modernise their approach to selling their products. From monthly memberships to events, merchandise, bolt-ons and more, our Stripe integration facilitates a versatile array of offerings.

Crucially, the integration also offers a broad range of modern payment options. In 2024, it is vital that NGBs can cater to their members' requirements and provide all the modern payment methods that have become expected. Whether it is credit or debit cards, Google and Apple Pay, bank transfers, direct debits, or instalment payments, the integration provides a seamless experience, enhancing user satisfaction.

Perhaps the most important element of Stripe’s financial management is its community-building potential. Our integration is unique in providing NGBs with the ability to facilitate payments throughout their entire network. This means that grassroots clubs, regional bodies, individuals, and the NGB itself can all process payments within the same ecosystem, maximising revenue generation potential and streamlining processes at all levels.

This means that the integration can provide advanced features, such as the ability for auto-renewals and split payments. The split payment feature in particular is an incredibly powerful functionality which allows for a network of connected accounts to be created. This empowers clubs and affiliated bodies to collect fees directly to their bank account, and sell their own memberships and event registrations through the Sport:80 Platform. This acts as a significant USP for NGBs - not only does it allow them to be more flexible with collecting payments and streamlining their financial operations, but it also significantly enhances their members' experiences.

The integration also includes enhanced security measures, ensuring that every transaction within the Sport:80 Platform is not just a financial interaction but a secure and trustworthy engagement.

Overall, the Sport:80 Platform’s Stripe integration goes beyond transactional functionalities and empowers NGBs to seamlessly navigate the complexities of modern sports administration.

Selecting the right payment processing software is an important decision for NGBs, but through the integration with Stripe, the Sport:80 Platform ensures sports organisations benefit from a highly functional and secure means of processing payments.

To find out how the Sport:80 Platform can support your organisation with industry-leading payment processing, get in touch.