Our technology empowers National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to deliver a wide range of services to their coaches, officials, and referees, supporting good governance.

In recent articles, we have explored the importance of good governance and compliance for NGBs, and how our technology supports sports organisations to strengthen these areas.

In addition, the Sport:80 digital eco-system also includes a range of tools which allow NGBs to provide vital services to coaches, officials, instructors, and other members of their communities.

With solutions for managing memberships, qualifications, safeguarding training, first aid, background checks, and more, the Sport:80 Platform allows sports organisations to easily govern those within their sports who are operating in positions of responsibility. This ultimately makes it more straightforward to safeguard the welfare of their community.

For example, the Sport:80 Platform allows individual members to manage their own credentials such as membership, qualifications, background checks, safeguarding training, first aid, and more, enabling coaches and officials to effectively build a digital CV. Empowering individuals to take control of their credentials contributes to the growth of your community and provides easy access to vital revenue streams. Moreover, it supports upholding strong and effective governance by ensuring that those operating in positions of responsibility have easily manageable and up-to-date credentials.

The Sport:80 Platform also provides access to education materials, allowing members to easily register for courses and access educational resources directly or through a Learning Management System (LMS). This simplifies the way individuals can engage with educational opportunities, and by providing these self-service tools, the Platform promotes the continuous development of your community.

Additionally, this functionality makes it much simpler for NGBs to put necessary checks and rules in place to enforce compliance processes. For example, by providing the ability to configure certification expiry dates, enforce rules, and setup specific dependencies, organisations can guarantee key member credentials are always kept up to date, or members without in-date credentials aren’t recognised as licensed or compliant to coach, officiate, or instruct.

The Sport:80 Platform also provides innovative features to improve the way your organisation can communicate with coaches and officials. Automated emails can be set up to ensure membership and certification renewal reminders are distributed to relevant members if they have an expiring qualification. Emails are automatically personalised to improve engagement with your community, and it becomes easier to manage and track individuals who need their credentials renewing before they continue engaging in your sport.

This coincides seamlessly with our digital wallet functionality, which allows your members to store their qualifications and certifications on their mobile phone. These also automatically expire and update, leading to minimal manual intervention, and represent a simple and effective method for checking member and club compliance.

In addition, we have developed intuitive coach finder tools that seamlessly integrate with the Sport:80 Platform. These tools ensure key information regarding member credentials is automatically updated, and as a result, the coach finder tools display only compliant coaches who possess all the necessary qualifications and up-to-date background checks.

Our digital eco-system equips NGBs with a suite of tools specifically designed to cater to the needs of coaches, officials, instructors, and more. By streamlining credential management, automating processes, implementing logic and dependencies, and enabling efficient and reliable services, the Sport:80 Platform empowers NGBs to support key members of their community. Coaches and officials can effortlessly manage their credentials, including background checks, course sign-ups, certifications, and safeguarding training, while building a comprehensive digital CV. Moreover, through our solution, NGBs can implement necessary checks, ensure up-to-date certifications, and promptly govern members who are lacking valid credentials.

The Platform also facilitates seamless communication, and its digital wallet functionality enables members to store and automatically update their qualifications and certifications on their mobile phones, simplifying compliance checks for both members and clubs.

Combined with intuitive coach finder tools which allow NGBs to easily identify and recruit compliant coaches, our technology empowers sports organisations to provide comprehensive services to coaches, officials, and referees, elevating their operational efficiency and nurturing a safe and skilled sports community.

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