Through our Platform your community can keep digital membership cards, qualifications, certificates, and event tickets right in their pocket.

Our digital wallet functionality offers a series of benefits, ranging from streamlined processes and cost-savings, to more efficient credential checks and sustainable practices.

The solution includes QR-code capabilities, and can be applied to a number of elements that represent key features to any sports organisation’s daily operations.

For example, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) can automate the production of digital membership cards whenever somebody joins their community.

Similarly, event organisers have the ability to produce e-tickets, allowing them to scan participants' phones on arrival for check-in and attendance-tracking.

Additionally, participants are able to add credentials such as coaching qualifications or safeguarding certifications as items to their digital wallet. Not only does this allow participants to effectively store their key information, but also gives your organisation the opportunity to easily carry out the necessary checks to ensure people are adequately qualified to take part in relevant sporting activities.

For example, our community includes several govern combat sports governing bodies who have been effectively using their digital membership card functionality as a medical book. It is vital for them to ensure that athletes who are serving suspensions for previously sustained head injuries do not continue to compete in events, and our solution is supporting with the management of that.

Some of the key benefits to using digital membership cards and e-tickets over more traditional, paper-based systems, include:

  • Convenience, for both your organisation and your members. For an NGB, they are much easier to produce and can be distributed to new members within minutes. It also provides you with a quicker and more effective method for accessing members' information, ensuring it is always up-to-date, and reviewing elements including qualifications and certifications with ease. Members also significantly benefit from being able to easily access their membership cards via mobile devices.
  • Cost-saving. With no requirement for external design, production, or shipping, digital cards can present a significant reduction in costs compared to traditional methods. Clients have reported saving thousands annually on production and fulfilment.
  • Sustainable practice. By avoiding the production of paper or plastic-based membership cards, your organisation is making a significant step towards being more environmentally friendly. In fact, we recently published an article detailing how our tech supports our clients to be more sustainable, in which we explained that approximately 26% of waste dumped in landfill sites is discarded paper and paperboard. The creation of digital cards and passes is just one way in which we can support your organisation to reduce your carbon footprint.

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