We are supporting Welsh Gymnastics with a game-changing tech solution, which will enhance their membership offering and boost revenues in their continued commitment to modernisation.

Welsh Gymnastics approached us having recognised the need to modernise their membership registration system and enhance the online experience for its members. Seeking to build on their commitment to their community, the National Governing Body (NGB) required a new technology solution which could provide a hassle-free experience for their athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and clubs.

We have developed a transformative partnership with Welsh Gymnastics which is delivering significant benefits, including enhanced member experience and more consistent revenues. By implementing a system which streamlines processes and prioritises strategic decision-making, Welsh Gymnastics are already reaping the rewards. Within a matter of weeks, they have seen a remarkable 57% of members sign up for memberships using the system’s auto-renewal facility, which is proven to reduce membership churn.

"When we looked at our membership renewal process, we knew there had to be a better way," said Victoria Ward, Chief Executive Officer at Welsh Gymnastics.

"We are on a journey of digital transformation, and Sport:80 has allowed us to offer a significantly improved experience to our members. The feedback we have had so far has been excellent. Relative to the volume of members being processed through the system, the queries raised have been minimal.”

“How we ever managed without Sport:80, I don’t know!”

Effective member management functionalities were a crucial element to Welsh Gymnastics' system. It was vital that our Platform offered intuitive membership processes with diverse payment options, automated renewals, and streamlined member management across their network. However, the system also allows the NGB to benefit from increased engagement via digital membership cards, and seamlessly upsell additional items.

Jonny Turner, Chief Operating Officer at Sport:80, emphasised the NGB’s commitment to the transition, saying: "Welsh Gymnastics' dedication to embracing technology has been a driving force behind the successful launch of the platform.

“The benefits Welsh Gymnastics is experiencing are a testament to the hard work and commitment shown by their team, who have embraced a forward-thinking mindset. They bravely took the leap to modernise key processes and fully committed to the journey we have guided them along.”

This agreement exists thanks to our official partnership with the Welsh Sports Association (WSA), established in 2018. Since our work with the WSA began, we have been able to make our innovative technology solutions more easily accessible for Welsh NGBs, and our agreement with Welsh Gymnastics is a clear example of how successful that partnership has been.

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