We are working with CherryHub to bring gamification solutions to sports organisations, and USA Archery’s project is the first example of this coming to fruition.

Fellow co-founders of the Sports Tech Alliance, CherryHub, have been working with USA Archery to provide an instant membership sign up, allowing new members to download a branded digital pass immediately into their digital wallet.  They have also worked to develop an arcade-style web-based game which is being used as an innovative marketing and engagement tool, all part of their ‘Archery for Everyone’ campaign with Marvel Entertainment.

The game, ‘On Target’, is accessible through a QR code and/or weblink, and represents a fun way to capture and retain the attention of their existing community. It also works as an exciting means for boosting brand awareness and sponsor engagement, and ultimately increase participation by reaching new prospective members.

Once a user records a score in the game, they are prompted to submit their details, for a chance to win monthly prizes. As a result, USA Archery is able to create touch-points and maintain engagement with potential new customers.

In short, it is an innovative and creative way to engage with both existing and new markets, and it has been made possible as a result of the partnership we developed with CherryHub.

CherryHub is a platform designed to boost customer acquisition and engagement via their ecosystem Hub and several digital channels. By developing a seamless integration with the Sport:80 Platform, our clients are able to leverage this technology as part of activation campaigns, at local sporting events, or to promote nearby clubs and activities. Through the integration, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) can aggregate the key details of potential new members directly within the Sport:80 Platform, and engage with them consistently throughout their customer journey.

Speaking on the potential of our partnership with CherryHub, our COO, Jonny Turner, said: “We have already seen how powerful the gamification and digital marketing elements of CherryHub’s product suite can be, and we are very excited to see them put into practice with sports organisations and NGBs.”

USA Archery’s ‘On Target’ game is the first example of this partnership’s potential coming to fruition, and as a result the NGB has developed an incredibly exciting and unique way to grow and engage with their community.

Learn more about CherryHub, or to find out more about what we do here at Sport:80, get in touch