Find out how the innovative functionality is creating efficiencies, streamlining processes, boosting member satisfaction and engagement, and driving participation.

The Sport:80 Platform's ability to generate integrated QR codes is revolutionising the way National Governing Bodies (NGBs), clubs, and members interact and engage with their sport on a daily basis.

The powerful feature streamlines processes and enhances efficiency at all levels, supporting the sports organisations we work with to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience, driving engagement and stimulating participation.

Below are some examples of how QR codes are supporting our clients and their member bases:

For events

The integration of QR codes into event management processes offers a seamless solution for event check-in procedures. Members can easily scan their digital tickets or e-passes upon arrival, eliminating the need for manual check-ins and reducing waiting times at event entrances.

Additionally, members can conveniently store and access these tickets and passes on mobile devices through our digital wallet functionality, which not only streamlines the event entry experience, but promotes sustainability by reducing reliance on physical tickets and passes which are often paper or plastic-based.

QR codes can also play a crucial role in event promotion strategies. Event organisers can generate QR codes linked to event registration forms, making it easier than ever for members to sign up for events.

These QR codes can be shared across social media, within emails, and displayed on printed materials such as flyers or pull-up banners, increasing event visibility and driving participation. ‘Events’ doesn’t simply cover tournaments and competitions either, and also applies to camps, courses, trips, and more.

For memberships

QR codes are equally valuable in membership management and provide a convenient and efficient solution to an NGB’s governance and compliance initiatives.

By adding QR codes to membership cards, qualifications, and licenses, NGBs and clubs can streamline their validity-checking processes and confirm an individual’s credentials more quickly than ever, significantly reducing the administrative burden on staff and volunteers. When a code is scanned, it pulls through live data which is accurate up to the second, allowing organisations to check member ‘validity’ incredibly quickly (i.e. check the member isn’t holding a suspension, or a non-valid or ‘action required’ status).

This not only enhances member experience but also improves data accuracy and security. Members can effortlessly prove the validity of their documents, while NGBs and clubs can efficiently verify qualifications, ensuring compliance.

If you would like to know more about our QR code functionality, feel free to get in touch. Alternatively, book your demo now!