We are incredibly excited to be supporting SportCheer England with a crucial step in their development with a new membership management solution.

According to Women’s Health Magazine, cheerleading is one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK. With a rapidly-growing community to cater for, SportCheer England are seeking to gain official recognition as a National Governing Body through Sport England. This would be a landmark moment for the organisation, and would allow them to more effectively support their membership with a variety of services, including access to funding streams, clearer national talent ID pathways, effective regulation, and more.

We are delighted that SportCheer England have chosen us to support them in this critical stage of their journey, and look forward to overseeing the implementation of an innovative membership management Platform as they take the next step in their digital evolution.

“It is extremely exciting for us to be working with an organisation who demonstrate such entrepreneurial spirit and are looking to implement innovative technology solutions as a focal point at this early stage of their journey”, said our Head of Business Development, Jack Waddingham.

“Joey and the team at SportCheer England embody the drive and enthusiasm of start-up, which is something we can really relate to. They are self-funding for the good of their sport, and looking to bring structure and direction to drive interest in cheerleading across the country.

“The passion for their sport and desire to grow its presence and participation is incredibly admirable. We are delighted to be working with them and to support the organisation in its aim to become recognised by Sport England.”

The Platform we develop for SportCheer England will help them to engage with and provide online services to clubs, coaches and other participants. Importantly it will allow the organisation to evidence it’s impact and the size of its network, an important aspect of gaining Sport England recognition.

"SportCheer England is committed to improving the safety, support, information, representation and regulation of cheerleading for athletes, coaches and gym owners”, said Joey Gamper Cuthbert, Chair of the Board at SportCheer England.

“Our contract with Sport:80 represents the next critical step in English cheerleading’s recognition processes and we are excited to be partnering with such a highly reputable service provider to deliver our membership offer and scale with us as we grow.”

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