We are delighted to announce a new project with the American Kennel Club (AKC), which will see Sport:80 develop a new app solution to support their online AKC Agility League™.

The AKC Agility League allows teams from across the country to run courses locally, while competing on a national scale, and the application will allow their members to manage their team, registrations, scoring and the tracking of results with ease.

Through the app, Agility competitors will be able to create and register their teams, access and download course information to set up local courses at their convenience, and upload their scores upon completion.

The app will then calculates rankings based on all the scores submitted, naming the winners at the end of each season. It will also allow users to register and compete in subsequent seasons.

Additionally, it will include Single Sign-On (SSO) to integrate with the AKC’s existing systems to allow existing users seamless access to the app. There will also be payment processing functionality via Stripe and tools to administrate back office functions such as data management, analytics, reporting, and more.

“We are always looking for ways to make AKC sports more accessible and improve the online experience of our participants. We believe having a simple-to-use app solution that integrates with our existing systems will allow us to achieve this,” said Torraine Williams, Director of IT DevOps at the American Kennel Club.

“Adding the app to our digital ecosystem provides considerable value to current and future Agility participants. We also see it as an innovative method to grow participation in the Agility League, providing a modern and convenient way to join the fun.

“The Sport:80 team have shown a real passion for the project and made a noticeable effort to get into the detail of our requirements. They’ve applied their years of experience working with sports organisations to design a solution that aligns with exactly what we need.”

Our COO, Jonny Turner, expressed his excitement at the opportunity to work with the American Kennel Club, saying: “This project gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities outside the world of National Governing Bodies of Sport.

“The American Kennel Club is a highly respected organisation with a rich and important history, the team recognises this and is driven to deliver a solution that meets their expectations.

“The AKC Agility League is a fantastic example of their desire to innovate to get more people involved in the sporting side of their organisation. They represent exactly the type of progressive and enterprising organisation that we at Sport:80 love to work with.”

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