Discover how USA Track & Field (USATF) has leveraged the Sport:80 and etrainu integration to enhance the NGB’s digital services and strengthen risk management processes.

The integration between ‘USATF Connect’, powered by Sport:80, and etrainu’s e-learning platform provides the NGB’s members with direct access to online learning materials and certifications. The seamless integration uses the power of Single Sign-On (SSO) to allow USATF members to easily access both systems. The systems then share user credentials to create personalised experiences based on the information stored within USATF Connect, and serve up relevant education opportunities.

Any certifications which users complete in the etrainu LMS are shared back to USATF Connect and assigned to the individuals' profile, creating an incredibly streamlined and user-friendly process for USATF members.

Significantly, the integration not only simplifies user experience and record-keeping for USATF, but it is particularly beneficial for the NGB’s governance and compliance processes. Certifications obtained through etrainu are seamlessly referenced and regulated within USATF Connect to ensure members in positions of responsibility meet the NGBs compliance and risk management requirements.

The integration between USATF Connect and etrainu's e-learning system demonstrates USATF’s commitment to digital innovation. By centralising online member services and leveraging technology to strengthen compliance processes, the organisation is enhancing overall user experience for their members while promoting continuous learning and development within their community.

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