Sport:80 customers will soon be able to take advantage of an integration with the Welsh Sports Association’s (WSA) DBS service for sport and leisure.

The system, which is run through their trading arm Vibrant Nation, is utilised by numerous organisations in the sport and leisure sector and is designed to help these organisations safeguard children and vulnerable adults so that sport and physical activity is safe for everyone to enjoy. The WSA DBS service has been tested and approved by the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office and endorsed by both the Welsh Government and the NSPCC.

The integration allows users to process their DBS checks via their Sport:80 Platform profile and is entirely web-based, so is available 24/7 from any location with an accessible internet connection.

It is also a not-for-profit service, meaning that all the money generated from administrative fees is funnelled back into the sport and leisure sector.

Over 200 organisations are already making the most of the service, and while WSA members receive discounted rates, it can be accessed by any UK organisation.

"We are delighted to be integrating the Welsh Sports Association's DBS service with our Platform,” said our COO, Jonny Turner.

"Facilitating effective governance is a major priority across the sports sector globally and we are committed to ensuring the necessary tools are available and accessible through our technology.

“This integration forms part of a growing suite of tools that we offer to streamline compliance and safeguarding requirements. It is exciting that we have been able to leverage our experience delivering similar integrations in the United States to provide our UK customers with this capability.

“Any organisation using the service will have the ability to process and track their members' DBS records seamlessly within the Sport:80 Platform with no manual input required by administrators.

“We know from our work in the United States that making this type of integration available saves significant amounts of time, and creates a greater degree of accuracy across the vast array of individuals that require a DBS to perform their role, whether it be as a coach, volunteer or other active member of the community.”

The service will be accessible via the Sport:80 Platform and once an account is created, respective NGBs will then be able to view the status of their DBS applications through the Sport:80 Platform, as results are returned via the API.

We have been working closely with the WSA to deliver innovative technology solutions to sports organisations since forming a partnership in 2018, and this integration represents the next step in our journey.

Tom Sharp, Commercial Manager at the WSA said, "Sport:80's Platform is widely utilised by organisations across the UK, and we believe that by integrating our DBS service for sport and leisure, we can improve efficiencies for the NGBs and ensure that the UK’s sporting environment is safer and more enjoyable for all.”

Learn more about the WSA’s DBS service for sport and leisure.

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