We’re delighted to have launched a series of updates to the Sport:80 Platform registration flows, designed to simplify the user journey.

There have been a number of improvements that form our biggest ever upgrade to the customer experience.

These updates have primarily been introduced to allow for a much slicker process for members, helping them to navigate the Platform with greater ease, but the platform-wide upgrade spans a number of areas.

The full list of upgrades includes:

  • New registration flows reducing 70% of clicks for users to get from a calendar or register button (be it for events, memberships, or other items where individuals or organisations sign up via an add-on);
  • New-look event finders on the login page (with new search and filter functionality);
  • New event listing page (with search and filter functionality, and shortcuts to registration);
  • Mobile-first design to significantly improve the user experience on smartphones and other smart devices;
  • New ‘Sanction Admin’ panel for organisers to use;
  • Users can now click athlete names to shortcut directly to their profile from the event overview space, and can filter out ineligible athletes if working from a large list (e.g. as an NGB or a club with a lot of athletes);
  • Upgraded the profile display to show dates of birth in US format (MM/DD/YYYY);
  • Added ability for organisations to remove roles that are ‘Action Required’.

It’s important to note that the updates are an improvement on the existing process and should not cause confusion for members. For example, the user flow has been simplified when registering for an event, and once they land in the Platform the signposts will guide them through the steps required of them.

A special thanks should also go to the clients in our Early Adopters group, who were extremely helpful in supporting our rigorous testing of the updates in anticipation of the wider launch.

If you have any questions or queries about the updates, please submit a ticket to our support desk.

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