In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Sam Vincent, Customer Success Manager at Sport:80.

Sam, tell us a bit about yourself!

"I grew up on a farm (idyllic) and competed in many equestrian competitions, including three day eventing and dressage. Unfortunately it’s not something you can do to a good level part time, so work took over.

"After returning from five years in Hong Kong, I started taking my son and daughter to football and became really interested in the marketing of the sport. This led to me working at Brentford Football Club, where I met Gary Hargraves, who was their Managing Director at the time.

"Afterwards, I spent time at QPR and London Wasps in sales and marketing roles, but ended up speaking to Gary a few years later when he mentioned he was looking for someone to help in the Business Development side of Sport:80.

"So, here I am!"

What are some of your main duties at Sport:80?

"Business Development!

"This includes speaking to prospective new clients, and with the Customer Success Team to make sure we are in regular contact with our clients, and that they are getting the right support." 

Tell us a bit about your interests!

"I love going to the theatre. I recently saw James McAvoy in Cyrano de Bergerac and Jodie Comer in Prima Facie, who were brilliant, but I also enjoy fringe productions.

"Live theatre, like sport - it’s only live once!"

"Otherwise, I enjoy gardening, cooking for family and friends, and long walks with my dog across the Berkshire Downs."

"I also love socialising kittens that are born wild and very scared. Watching them grow in confidence and understand life is fun, and then seeing them go to their new owners."

What's your favourite sporting memory?

"Charlotte Dujardin winning the Freestyle Gold at the 2012 Olympics. The atmosphere was incredible."

Favourite pasta shape?

"It’s not about the shape of the pasta (although it would preferably be fresh), it’s all about the sauce and the cheese!"

Desert island! One film, book, and album for the rest of your life. What are they?

"Film would be Life of Brian, book would be Talking Heads by Alan Bennett, and album would be Blondie's Parallel Lines."

Favourite fictional character?


The thing that annoys you most?

"Drivers being in the outside lane of a motorway when they aren’t overtaking. Makes me see red."

What's something you don't like, that everybody else does?

"Love Island."

What about something you love, that everybody else hates?

"Tidying up."

What's your spirit animal?

"Could only be a horse!"

If you could go back to any moment in time, what would it be?

"Competing at a three day event with my horse Freedom."