In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Martin Hunt, Head of Implementation at Sport:80.

Martin, tell us a bit about yourself!

"Being complimented on my ability to organise ad-hoc tours with fellow travellers while in South-East Asia, after finishing University, led to me cutting my teeth in the hospitality industry (which I firmly believe everyone should spend at least one year in!).

"I then meandered through Trade Sales for Games Workshop, into the world of sports administration management, and from there it was only a short hop over to Sport:80!"

What are some of your main duties at Sport:80?

"Leading on the implementation of major projects, especially centred around on-boarding clients.

"However, as a relatively small and close-knit team, I also love the day-to-day contact and shared projects with Customer Success, Sales & Marketing, and the Technical Development Team."

Tell us a bit about your interests!

"I'm easily pleased – time with my wife and two young daughters, meeting mates, getting fresh air and exercise (especially running), watching sport and enjoying good food and drink."

Who is your favourite sports team/athlete?

"I was a pretty hardcore Charlton Athletic fan as a teenager, choosing to sit (stand) directly in front of the drummer and sing myself hoarse every weekend rather than sit with my brother in the fancier West Stand.

"Now I prefer watching without vested interest – far better for the heart rate!"

What's your favourite sporting memory?

"I think I cried when Sir Chris Hoy snuck the Keirin Gold at London 2012.

"To be honest, sport has brought me to tears more than anything else in life – it can just be so powerful!"

Favourite pasta shape?

"Definitely Peppa Pig!"

Desert island! One film, book, and album for the rest of your life. What are they?

"Film would be 'Forrest Gump' - so much to enjoy. Book would be 'Life A User's Manual' by Georges Perec - who was clever waaaay beyond his time. Album would be Weezer's 'Blue Album' – I could listen to the track 'Only In Dreams' all day."

Favourite fictional character?

"Grandad Pig!"

The thing that annoys you most?

"People disrespecting nature and the environment."

What's something you don't like, that everybody else does?

"Receiving presents."

What's something you love, that everybody else hates?

"I certainly wouldn't say I 'love' it, or even like it - heck, I'd never wish for it either - but I've never minded when the girls have thrown up on me.

"Which is convenient as the wife can't stand sick!"

What's your spirit animal?


If you could go back to any moment in time, when would it be?

"With my values of hard work and community spirit, I've always thought I'd fit in well in the 1950s..."