In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Jack Waddingham, Head of Business Development at Sport:80.

Jack, tell us a bit about yourself!

"I’ve been at Sport:80 for almost nine years now, initially joining the company as Marketing Manager after a number of years working in similar roles within the IT and automotive industries.

"As part of my interview process, I was asked to present a strategy for Sport:80’s future marketing efforts. With a cup of tea in hand, I presented to the entire company (a room of five at that point!) and clearly my vision hit the right notes.

"Since then, I have moved into the worlds of sales, partnerships, and commercial strategy in my role as Head of Business Development."

What are some of your main duties at Sport:80?

"In my role, I primarily oversee marketing and sales for Sport:80, but I am also heavily involved in partnerships and other commercial aspects.

"If you are interested in working with Sport:80, you'll undoubtedly meet me during a demonstration of our product suite and throughout the sales process.

"I also ensure that our marketing and sales efforts are coordinated so people know who we are and where to find us."

Tell us a bit about your interests!

"Like most of the team at Sport:80, I’m a big sports fan, football in particular.

"As a long-suffering Nottingham Forest fan and season ticket holder, I am accustomed to the martyrdom of investing heavily in a professional sports team that hasn’t gone anywhere for some time. I’m not of the age to have experienced the Brian Clough glory years, but the second coming of God in Steve Cooper (Brian Clough, the first coming) has certainly brightened up my Saturday afternoons.

"Outside of football, I fancy myself as a good home cook and love film, TV, reading and music. I’ve always got a good recommendation if you need one!"

Who is your favourite sports team/athlete?

"As above, Nottingham Forest!"

What's your favourite sporting memory?

"Sergio Aguero scoring that last-minute winner to see Manchester City secure the Premier League over their rivals Manchester United.

"I’m not a fan of Man City, but to quote the commentator on that game, Martin Tyler, “I swear, you’ll never see anything like this again!"

Favourite pasta shape?

"Casarecce – hard to find, but the top one for me."

Desert island! One film, book, and album for the rest of your life. What are they?

"My film would be The Warriors from the late 70s. It’s a low-budget cult classic which I’ve seen so many times. Never get bored of how daft it is and the soundtrack is ace!

"I don’t have a favourite book and I’m not usually one for re-reading, but I read Sonny Barger’s account of being head of the Oakland Hells Angels recently and would gladly read that again.

"There are too many albums but if I was pushed, I’d have to go for Discovery by Daft Punk."

Favourite fictional character?

"Vic Reeves – if that counts."

The thing that annoys you most?

"Being late."

What's something you don't like, that everybody else does?

"Formula 1."

What's your spirit animal?

"Otter. Don’t know why, just like them!"

If you could go back to any moment in time, when would it be?

"Ancient Egypt, for many reasons but I would really like to know how they built the pyramids."