In the next instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce Chris Johnston, Senior Software Engineer at Sport:80.

Chris, tell us a bit about yourself!

"I am originally from Oldham, but  moved to Sheffield when I was eight.

"I’ve always had an interest in computers and IT from a young age, I even taught myself programming at my first “proper” job to automate parts of my day to day work.

"I have worked at several companies, both big and small, and always like to be on the cutting edge of software development."

What are some of your main duties at Sport:80?

"A major part of my role is related to developing new micro-services, like authentication, messaging, and finance tools.

"I have also had responsibility for the migration of a legacy code base to a new framework, and adding in automated tests as part of the migration.

"I also spend time diagnosing and fixing database related issues, such as slow queries or database errors."

Tell us a bit about your interests!

"At the weekends you'll often find me watching the Formula One, but I have also recently taken up squash!

"I also like to play FPS games with my friends."

Who is your favourite sports team/athlete?

"I would probably choose Mo Farah."

Favourite pasta shape?


Desert island! One film, book, and album for the rest of your life. What are they?

"Film would be 'Step Brothers', and album would be 'Lead Sails Paper Anchor' by Atreyu. I don't really read many non-programming books, so I'd pick the 'SAS Survival guide'."

Favourite fictional character?

"Maurice Moss, from The IT Crowd."

The thing that annoys you most?

"Lazy people."

What's something you don't like, that everybody else does?

"Drinking beer."

What about something you love, that everybody else hates?

"Drinking whiskey."

What's your spirit animal?

"A wolf!"