Find out how the new feature supports NGBs to simplify resource management, bolster governance and compliance procedures, and drive revenue generation.

We are extremely excited to announce the latest addition to the Sport:80 Platform - the 'Resource Centre'.

This innovative new feature empowers National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to provide a centralised hub for storing, managing, and sharing essential documents and resources.

The Resource Centre provides a convenient solution for the storage of a variety of documents including policies and procedures, club development resources for coaches and officials, AGM minutes, and more. Whatever it might be, sports organisations can now improve their document management processes with ease.

An important feature of the Resource Centre is that it provides the ability to tailor access to resources based on specific criteria. NGBs can choose to restrict access to certain documents, ensuring they are available only to designated groups. For instance, resources might be made available to just coaches, or even just coaches of a specific level.

This capability also enables NGBs to tie access to resources via an item that is purchased through the Sport:80 Platform. For example, this could be a subscription product that then opens up access to an area of the Resource Centre to access documentation, videos, and other materials.

Key advantages of the new resource centre include…

Easy access and resource management. The Resource Centre means that sports organisations can provide their communities with easy access to key documents. By storing these resources all in one place - and within the same eco-system that members use to access their personal profiles, events, certifications, and more - accessing crucial organisational documents has never been easier for participants.

Supports effective governance. The benefits of the Resource Centre extend beyond efficient document management. By providing easy access to essential resources such as safeguarding or whistleblowing policies, NGBs can significantly enhance their governance practices, and make it easier to meet crucial compliance standards. The ability to control document access also allows organisations to more effectively control the dissemination of critical information. For example, ensuring that under-18s can access documents such as ‘how to report a concern’ processes.

Revenue generation. Additionally, the Resource Centre presents unique revenue-generation opportunities for NGBs. For example, organisations can offer access to premium documents as part of higher-tier memberships or coach certifications, incentivising purchases of additional qualifications or memberships. By implementing schemes such as tiered membership systems as part of a strategic approach, sports organisations not only enhance revenue streams, but also foster engagement and investment within their community.

The introduction of the Resource Centre represents a significant advancement in document management for NGBs. With its user-friendly interface, customisable access controls, and revenue-generation potential, the Resource Centre is poised to revolutionise how organisations manage and distribute essential resources within their sporting communities.

If you have any questions, get in touch, or alternatively, book a demo to see the Resource Centre in action!