We are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with iSponsor, who provide revolutionary community fundraising technology to sports organisations, clubs, and NGBs.

iSponsor, a fellow co-founder of the Sports Technology Alliance, are on a mission to build community ties, grow community groups, and fuel local economies with their fundraising tool that features over 900 local and international brands and retailers.

Through our partnership, and via an integration with the Sport:80 Platform, NGBs that we work with will be able to easily stimulate financial growth for their grassroots networks using iSponsor’s innovative solution.

Our COO, Jonny Turner, expressed his delight at partnering with iSponsor: “The current financial situation facing sporting organisations is as difficult as it has ever been, so it is really important to us that we support our customers as best we can to deal with the challenges that they face.

“That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to partner with iSponsor, who’s work in the community fundraising space is providing sports organisations and NGBs with the capacity to raise funds when they most desperately need it.

“It’s clear to us that iSponsor’s powerful solution can be a game-changing one for the organisations we work with, and it is a pleasure for us to be able to support them in achieving their incredibly important goals, while providing significant value to our clients.”

Sports organisations, clubs, and NGBs are able to quickly and easily create a free iSponsor account and invite all of their members to sign up. Once they have created an account and registered with their organisation, members can start shopping with hundreds of brands in-store or through the iSponsor app, and their registered organisation will receive a kick-back from any purchase made.

This also creates more customers for the retailers, ultimately delivering on iSponsor’s ambitions to support local communities, grow local businesses, and create a meaningful, reciprocal relationship between the two.

“It’s incredibly exciting for us to be able to work with Sport:80, who’s market-leading sports business management Platform will be extremely valuable to us as we look to encourage more sporting organisations to make the most of our solution”, said Richard Siganto, CEO and Founder of iSponsor.

“Now more than ever sports clubs and NGBs need to find innovative ways to raise funds, and their importance to local communities and economies is why they represent such a significant portion of our core market.

“Linking our tech with Sport:80’s ground-breaking product suite can allow us to help local sporting organisations to thrive.”

Learn more about iSponsor, or to find out more about what we do here at Sport:80, get in touch!