We have partnered with Rosterfy, whose market-leading workforce management solution is enabling governing bodies to maximise engagement with volunteers, coaches, and officials.

A fellow co-founder of the Sports Technology Alliance, Rosterfy’s platform serves multiple industries, including sport, and is used by over 1 million staff and volunteers globally.

For NGBs, the recruitment, retention, engagement and recognition of volunteers can be an overwhelming and resource heavy task. Thanks to this partnership, our clients can access Rosterfy’s market-leading software to make engaging with and managing a team of volunteers more efficient.

With their solution, which has contributed to the delivery of events including the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and London Marathon, event organisers can simplify complex scheduling, more effectively engage with and retain volunteers, manage multiple projects with ease, and check-in volunteers to venues and for shifts.

The solution can also be used to manage other areas of an NGB’s membership, including coaches and officials.

“Our Platform supports in the delivery of over 20,000 events annually, and we have seen first-hand how significant a role volunteers play in the success of those events. That is why we consider this partnership with Rosterfy to be such a valuable one”, said our COO, Jonny Turner.

“We are certain the NGBs we work with will find considerable value in this partnership. Not only will Rosterfy reduce their team’s workload by consolidating workforce management into a single solution, but it will also act as a vital tool for supporting the recruitment and retention of officials and volunteers.

“Through this partnership, our clients will have the ability to grow and reward their workforce while dedicating more time and resource to supporting and educating them, which we feel will be hugely valuable.”

Martin O’Neill, Global Head of Marketing at Rosterfy, said: “We’re very excited about this partnership with Sport:80 and we see their offering as being a game changer for building communities.

“We look to partner with providers who truly provide great value to our customers and we can’t wait to see how support between the two platforms grows.”

As this partnership evolves, as will the integrated capabilities of both the Sport:80 Platform and Rosterfy, with functionality like single sign-on (SSO) already being scoped to allow users to seamlessly access both solutions using the same set of credentials.

Find out more about Rosterfy, or, to learn more about what we do here at Sport:80, get in touch!