The introduction of Google and Apple Pay is part of a series of Stripe upgrades that will improve the way payments can be made through the Sport:80 Platform.

With Apple Pay and Google Pay featuring in the Platform, users are now able to complete payments faster and more securely.

A significant benefit to this functionality is that payments made through the Platform are now more secure than ever. Apple and Google Pay are built with security in mind, with both hiding specific personal and card information from merchants, and requiring you to sign in to your device for access.

Additionally, the use of biometric authentication as login credentials, such as Touch or Face ID, is typically more secure than passwords or PIN numbers, adding an extra layer of security to payments made through the Platform.

Not only that, but by providing a more modern and efficient method of payment via digital wallets, Platform users are able to make payments much more quickly as a result of a streamlined user experience.

These improvements have been introduced as part of our ongoing commitment to improving payment functionality in the Sport:80 Platform. They represent just one of several upgrades planned for 2023.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about the Sport:80 Platform's payment and financial management tools, get in touch.