With our diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) data visualisation dashboards, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) are able to produce required reports more quickly and easily than ever before.

The topic of diversity, equality, and inclusion in sport is high on the agenda of every NGB, and developing inclusive sporting environments is a priority. Key to achieving this goal is the ability for Governing Bodies to effectively measure and benchmark DEI across their sport, but accessing accurate and insightful data in this area is not a simple task.

The Sport:80 DEI dashboards, which we have developed with PanIntelligence, provide our customers with unparalleled insights into representation, and transform the ways in which they report on key demographics.

Being able to accurately track and report on this kind of information is often an incredibly resource-heavy job, but our solution allows NGBs and sports organisations to extract it easily and quickly. As a result, significant time is saved, and business-leaders are supported to make more informed decisions while creating and executing DEI strategies.

When it comes to DEI, NGBs are often required to track and report on very specific data, including breakdowns of representation across roles within their community and their membership demographics. Manually extracting this information from their database is the primary reason for DEI tracking and reporting being such a laborious task for NGBs, but our solution has been designed to tackle this issue.

For example, NGBs in the United States can access dashboards which simplify the task of reporting to the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC). The solution replicates the reports NGBs are required to submit, and automatically populates it with real-time information from their member database. NGB staff can quickly report on representation of key groups across all areas of their organisation including their Boards, Committees, Elite Squads and Personnel, and across their entire membership. For US NGBs this has not only provided invaluable insight into DEI within their sports, but it has reduced a process which would previously take a number of days to a matter of hours.

The solution also has incredible functionality for reporting on an organisation’s membership demographics. With just a few clicks NGBs can access historic DEI data to track year on year progress, and use that information to establish future benchmarks to better understand the success of their DEI strategy.

As with all of our solutions, we are committed to streamlining the process of tracking and reporting on DEI through our dashboards solution. We continue to work closely with several organisations to identify the most efficient and insightful method for achieving this. Our reporting functionality enables benchmarks and goals to be established in a format which aligns with the targets of industry bodies, and is already transforming the ways in which NGBs understand representation across their membership.

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