How our partnership with British Riding Clubs is driving the organisation’s digital transformation, delivering a greater breadth of online services to their members.

British Riding Clubs (BRC) is the arm of The British Horse Society (BHS) responsible for managing the sporting and competitive elements of horse riding throughout the UK. The organisation has a network of clubs which provide training, competition, and a thriving social network. By adopting our solution, the BRC will be able to provide their clubs and 34,000+ members with an enhanced membership experience.

The solution we are delivering for the BRC is spearheaded by our new club memberships functionality, which is empowering their clubs to take control of their own memberships and benefit from a centralised approach to BRC membership.

Having launched the new platform late last year, BRC are already months ahead of where they would usually be in a typical membership year, and with over 280 clubs signed up, more than 80% are already taking advantage of the exciting new feature.

“We’re delighted to be working with The British Horse Society and British Riding Clubs. Our collective goal to enable growth across the sport is something we’re all passionate about,” said our COO, Jonny Turner.

“The team at British Riding Clubs have shown great determination and drive to transform the way their organisation operates, and we’re proud to be playing our part.

“We’re particularly excited that, as part of the rollout, British Riding Clubs are utilising our new club memberships module, which enables NGBs to provide enhanced support and growth opportunities to their clubs.

“To date, the new process for British Riding Clubs’ new season has seen member registration reach levels not usually seen for a further three months, enabling both themselves and their clubs to deploy resources more efficiently, saving both time and cost.”

Rachael Hollely-Thompson, Head of British Riding Clubs, said: "We are incredibly excited to partner with Sport:80 and take advantage of their industry-leading solutions to enhance our membership and club management operations.

“This partnership will help us to better serve our members and clubs by providing enhanced online services, and ultimately provide us with a foundation to more effectively promote competitive horse riding, while supporting various other initiatives across the UK."

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